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    This is beyond a joke - when is KH2 going to be released in Australia and Europe

    yes i know this sucks really bad but if you are in sydney there is a store selling the american version of the game for $79.99 it's in that... thingi format but theres this thing you can buy... i think it's like a cloud card or something... from stores that takes away the regional codes and...
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    Something I never noticed about the Nobody Symbol...

    lol yeah my friend is pretty smart.
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    was axle and demyx best friends?

    this comic is interesting where are you putting it up lol sorry being random, still what the others have said makes sense. demyx and axel are opposite elements and in a sorta weird sense axel is better than the others so they arent really friends.
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    Mickey's Letter

    hmm, what about dear sora, OMIGOD IT'S BEEN SO BORING SINCE YOU CLOSED THE DOOR TO LIGHT!!! i really just wanna leave home... Minney's back to being her old self (no sex for poor old me) and Donald and Goofy keep asking me I want a threesome. I might take them up on that offer if you don't...
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    was axle and demyx best friends?

    no axel and roxas were best friends it shows you in the sixth day or something like that... Demyx is just a random person lol, a cute random person, but a random person all the same.
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    funny random stuff about the threesom's name's

    I was flicking through the internet and i stumbled across something that i found very interesting. kairi+riku= Kairiku meaning land and sea Kairi= dissociation Sora= look!/look out!/look at me! or sky/heavens sorasora= sparklingly all these are real japanese words; just felt like sharing :D
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    Something about Sora which makes me really upset...

    Has anyone other than me noticed that Sora cries A LOT in the second game? I thought he couldn't get any cuter, then i saw the end of Sora's first day in Twilight Town and i birst into tears. Same when he first realises that Ansem is Riku, when he goes down on his knees and grabs his hand...
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    Something I never noticed about the Nobody Symbol...

    heehee, thanks for the replies guys. i told my friend what you guys said and showed her and even though she didn't have any clue to what was going on (not a kh fan :'( so sad i'm the only one) she was grateful for the comments.
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    Something I never noticed about the Nobody Symbol...

    me and a friend were in english and i drew the Nobody symbol and i'm like "i love this!" and she said "it's a cool thirteen." and low and behold i turned it on its side and the symbol is the number thirteen! sorry i'm random.
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    why riku wears a blinfold

    The ansem you saw in kh1 was a fake, it was Xehanort pretending to be him. Diz is really ansem and with out his mask on diz(ansem) has yellowish hair. wow... yeah, sorry, i live in aus. it's hard getting all the facts when the game doesn't come out here until bloody october *scuse the french*
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    why riku wears a blinfold

    yeah, i was told he was turning into ansem, but you know, Xehanort is... um, who is he?
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    why riku wears a blinfold

    you obviously get that this is a spoiler, or i wouldn't put it in the spoilers section. well here it is. this may have been posted before, but i haven't been on for ages,and it's always good for old things to come up. the reason riku is... He is turning into Ansem. His...
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    the five elements

    ** means that this is the actual story another ** will appear at the end. **Daine turned on her ps2 and relaxed, thinking about her days work. she was 14, and had just been through her first job interveiw. she thought that she did okay, but she was glad it was over, and that she could go back...
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    Roxas is Axel's best friend...interesting

    sorry, i dont go into the forums often:D :o
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    Roxas how i she in the ordeR?

    i reckon Roxas was just included because he's a good fighter, but mainly because he's part of Sora. The order are probly just keeping him beacause they're afraid that if he and Sora unite, they'd become invincible. that's what i think anyway
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    Roxas is Axel's best friend...interesting

    has anyone else seen the post saying that Roxas is the 13th member of xiii? in it it says that Roxas wanted to know where he came from, so he quit the order. it also says that Axel is Roxas' best friend and that he's trying to stop Roxas and Sora from metting because he's scared he'll lose his...
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    i love kairi (not in that way you sikos, im a girl!) she's the greatest girl character that square enix have ever made (other than aki, from the ff movie an 1 o the games, i donno which) i hope that she's a playable character, and i have heard that she is from a few people so...:D
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    what if..

    i'd probly kill my brother, then go to japan and smuggle a million copies into australia for all the ausie kh fans. oh, then i'd kill who ever made this thread for jynxing us.:mad:
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    possible spoiler??? bhk and sora linked

    i restarted kh today and during the scene where sora is laying on his bed then goes out the window to save the raft, i noticed something that pretty much confirms the link between sora and bhk (or roxas). when his mom calls him for tea, the camera goes along the ground and laying crumpled in a...
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    Kh2 Release Date For Europe And Austaralia!!!

    KH 2 COMES OUT THE 15TH OF DEC, JUST IN TIME FOR CHRISSIE!!! :D :D :D im so happy. my proof is ebay, if u go on there and type in kingdom hearts 2, it tells you the release date for europe is the 15th and that america and australia have the same release dates