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  1. Arausio

    Flick Rush

    i think its just a ranking for that specific match, and then when you finish the cup they average them together and then base it off of that.
  2. Arausio

    Did anyone think...?

    yeah i had the most trouble with Ansem SoD. xemnas was easy. YX was just a little hard to keep up with. also, it might not be that they are easy, it could be we are better at playing these games now. and knowing to be prepared.
  3. Arausio

    Random things you noticed...

    i noticed when mickey froze the organisation.. he said stopza.
  4. Arausio

    One question about the files

    all trophies transfer to all files. so if you beat proud you get the proud trophy and then if you go and beat critical you get the critical trophy and still keeping all the other trophies.
  5. Arausio

    So who do you think is the other 6 darknesses?

    also.. in the secret message it says "the past will be reawakened as a new number in never-before-seen detail prepare yourself for the awakening of the next number" do you guys think this could hint at more than 7 lights? i mean there is more than 7 weilders. EDIT: anyone else notice...
  6. Arausio

    So who do you think is the other 6 darknesses?

    isnt kairi a confirmed guardian? the title of the secret ending is "another guardian of light" and in the scene it shows riku bringing kairi to yensid.
  7. Arausio

    KH3D went into the wrong direction

    also.. those hourglass unversed could freeze you in time. they came from vanitas.. and im not too sure but isnt he part of Xehanort?
  8. Arausio

    KH3D went into the wrong direction

    a different TIME dimension if im not mistaken. so i guess it kinda does make sense he would be able to that for sora.
  9. Arausio

    gamespot E3 noruma interview

    it sucks that i never got credit for this.
  10. Arausio

    a new being of pure darkness?

    Do you guys think there will be a new being of darkness? we all know MX's plan is too forge the x-blade and now that vanitas is gone do you think he will use Ienzo or someone else?
  11. Arausio

    Rumour Has It: KH3D release date July 27th/Summer 2012

    yeah he said, there is no promo offer as of right now but as the release date comes closer they will eventually have something, and he said its good to reserve now cause they're expecting a lot of them and he said it wont be out untill jan 2013. he could be wrong i mean it is gamestop.. lol
  12. Arausio

    Rumour Has It: KH3D release date July 27th/Summer 2012

    i jsut went to my local gamestop and preorderd it, he said it wont be out untill january. edit; im in california btw.
  13. Arausio

    Surprise at the Credits for KH 3D

    well, he said dont let your guard down. so it has to be important.
  14. Arausio

    Surprise at the Credits for KH 3D

    i think it'll show one if not a few people that need to be saved, being saved. or we'll have to fight something. as to the shocking ending, sora wont become a master and riku will. :3
  15. Arausio

    KH3D E-shop Footage

    awesome, does anyone know who the girl riku is protecting is??
  16. Arausio

    Possible KH 3D animations found within BBS FM. 3D may run on BBS engine.

    3:36 on the second video, thought that was pretty cool.
  17. Arausio

    Kingdom Hearts 3D offically to be at E3

    This is a kh game im actually excited to see, sad to say with the last few games it hasnt been that way. i hope im not setting my standards to high with this one.
  18. Arausio

    Theory for Kingdom Hearts DDS

    lol there are many other reasons for why some of us think sora is going to fail, but i dont think it has anything to do with his hair.
  19. Arausio

    The Hangover Part II

    IxooES7zSiI YES .
  20. Arausio

    Why KH3D Sora & Riku Look like KH1 SR and Other Things.

    i noticed "Drop" was one of the gauges on the sora and riku health head.