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  1. Just Dari

    ten years.... what

    Check you out, the bi-annual check in or somewhere around there. It's always great to see you pop in from time to time, hope you're doing alright and still making art :)
  2. Just Dari

    The Ask-a-Mod Thread

    I don't believe we've been properly introduced. Dari, it's a pleasure.
  3. Just Dari

    Presidents Make a Kingdom Hearts Tier List

    Disclaimer: AI voices. Strong language. You've been warned. Gotta admit, not a fan of AI voices in actual VA settings, but for content creation i've seen these kinds of videos all over the place.
  4. Just Dari

    The Ask-a-Mod Thread

    This was the only other place I could think to place my concern. I have admittedly been a bit inactive for the past 3 weeks due to some IRL things, and writing things for the roleplay section, but I came across this thread. Listen. We don't tolerate discussion about charged or sensitive...
  5. Just Dari

    Music ► What are you listening to?

    Boy you done got me started! Vs Susie [Deltarune OST]
  6. Just Dari

    Music ► What are you listening to?

    Come On Down - Logic
  7. Just Dari

    The Ask-a-Mod Thread

    Same deal. In my efforts to interact with it, it doesn't permit me to actually do so because I am staff. Still, never seen that til Rodin mentioned it.
  8. Just Dari

    Trust is [NOT] Resolute

    Self destructive. It was a word, it was definitely a word he'd use to describe most of the actions taken by some this group of rag-tag resolutes. To Eth, it wasn't a quality or a trait he often felt "belonged" to him. He can't ever recall a time where he was so willing to haphazardly throw...
  9. Just Dari

    Closed Trust is [NOT] Resolute

    I don't think i've ever been so delighted, reading these latest string of posts have definitely been a joy. Thanks everyone and great job with the collab Deimos, you'll really enjoy the follow up I promise.
  10. Just Dari

    General ► Dating Experience [NOT AN ADVICE THREAD]

    I have a bit of a story to toss up here, surprisingly this dates back to 2009 - Present. The person I'm referencing I haven't dated since it'll be around 10 years this year. While not a dating story per say, the post-relationship dynamic has been a rollercoaster to say the least and well...
  11. Just Dari

    Spoilers ► Is the story of Kingdom Hearts really that confusing?

    Ok so real quick, did Maleficent also time-travel? Where/When/Why? Go. 'Preciate yall fam.
  12. Just Dari

    Politics Retribution is not Equality

    I see you conveniently left that part out. You gave some pretty strong generalizations in the OP and this reply is an actual example, but i'm trying to correlate what your saying here to "equality" and forgive me for being critical, but I just don't see the correlation. It sounds like you're...
  13. Just Dari

    Politics Retribution is not Equality

    Equality as a concept is often basically echoed throughout communists and socialist forms of government. The typical narrative (of political magnitude) pushes us away from what that could potentially look like in a capitalist/meritocracy based structure. There have been one-off scenarios of...
  14. Just Dari

    Fanfiction ► Memories are [NOT] Resolute

    Special Memory: Trust Resolute Eight Location: Arcadia; Graveyard > Tavern Time: 2AM > 4AM _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Arcadia; Capital City Street Previously...Gunshots. [Memory Fragment: Eidolan] He could feel...
  15. Just Dari

    Fanfiction ► Memories are [NOT] Resolute

    Author's Notes: Oh boy, I haven't written one of these small bits of correspondence in a few years by the looks of it 02.02.2023 Alright so most of the recent chain of posts have all been steadily having more consistent follow up and relate to previous/existing memories posted. This is more...
  16. Just Dari

    Fanfiction ► Memories are [NOT] Resolute

    Special Memory: Trust Resolute Three Location: Dark World; Lower Zone > Valley of Darkness Time: ???? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Dark World; Lower Zone The feint shades of blue that was upon the rocks was really...
  17. Just Dari

    The Ask-a-Mod Thread

    As per your request, all five threads have been deleted/removed. I hope that is of great help to you :)
  18. Just Dari

    Stuff we love about Kingdom Hearts

    Quadratum as a concept alone is excellent, most of what followed after it was overflow for me. Series was basically my childhood PS2 era, lots of nostalgia and good memories mostly. Terra Aqua and Ven's tragic backstory was some of the better writing of the franchise, because it created three...
  19. Just Dari

    Why does green often go with red and blue as a three-color combination?

    It's probably just paying homage to RBG color model. In the modern day, the digital world can rip apart an image into those three values, super-impose them on top of each other, and get a complete image. Far as an aesthetic showing them synonymously at the same time, the same example is true...
  20. Just Dari


    You'll probably never see me do this, but April 14, 2014. One of the last pieces of my old portfolio.