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  1. Veevee

    What are the chances for a Kingdom Hearts Theatrhythm?

    Despite not being too good on Final Fantasy Theatrhythm, I loved the game. I'd love to see one for Kingdom Hearts - any spinoffs in general. I have no idea whether the FFT games were well recepted, so how is the chance for KHT?
  2. Veevee

    What's Made You Invoke Fanon Discontinuity?

    Oh, yeah .. I had forgotten that Infinite Zamasu thing that could only be cleared by eradicating the whole universe through Zeno. Now I faintly remember how weirded out I was when Trunks returned into a time where he would live with a clone of himself. Yeah, they could be fought .. but I always...
  3. Veevee

    Will Isa keyblade weider?

    While I also like the specialness of the keyblade in KH1 and how magical it felt, I'm not as sad as others that they kinda dropped that. The keyblade as a unique weapon felt like the typical chosen one with chosen one's unique magical supersword trope which is by no means bad, but giving other...
  4. Veevee

    Will Isa keyblade weider?

    I would love to see his berserk form brought up story-wise. Like something happens and he completely loses control, opposing to his usual calm behavior ... I also hope they keep his teasing dynamic with Lea. I wouldn't be against a redemption arc, but while I love Riku's, it was drawn out for...
  5. Veevee

    What's Made You Invoke Fanon Discontinuity?

    1. I can relate. He starts the Androids Saga with the feeling that he won't be able to do this on his own and the will to rely on Goku + friends. Throughout the hardships of his arc, he learns to stand for himself and ultimately manages not only to defeat the androids by his own hands, but also...
  6. Veevee

    9/19 Union χ JP Update: Version 3.4.0, KH Stained Glass, Event Updates

    That new Riku from the FFBE collab event is way too precious. I dig all the Rikus. I really really want them to release merch like that - exactly these sweet little SRK dolls from the new artwork. That would be an instant buy and much closer to the series than underwear, umbrellas or socks. I'll...
  7. Veevee

    Interview with Ryotaro Okiayu on Kingdom Hearts and Disney Tsum Tsum

    Yeah, that's some serious lack of information, lol. Thought the VA's would be better informed. I'm calling for Kingdom Hearts Fandom logic which says that we now have to theorize about a connection between Setzer and Terra since they have the same VA. And, to take it further to the truth, they...
  8. Veevee

    Say something nice about characters you dislike

    Thought it might be fun. Let's go! Roxas: I love the KH2 tutorial section and stupid as they may be, always had a thing for his clothes. Axel: Despite having a terrible arc, he's a pretty cool guy. Xehanort: I like that the villain is an old guy, doesn't happen too often. Xigbar: I like his...
  9. Veevee

    The Rant Thread. Need to blow off a little steam? Let's hear it.

    I had a good Rocket League group to play with for a few years - all guys. Two of them are my friends, one is the brother of one of these friends and one other is human garbage. Human garbage hasn't been with us since the beginning, but since he joined, all the guys behave like braindead...
  10. Veevee

    I just saw a recent Smash poll, and Sora is Top 2 in every single list!

    I love that Agumon has made the list. Digimon has a lot of fans in Germany. I don't really need him in Smash, but I'm always happy to see that the franchise still gets love.
  11. Veevee

    News ► Watch the Kingdom Hearts III: ReMIND TGS Trailer Now!

    "It's already gone back into the past." God, please be just a bloated way of saying how Sora pressed the reset button after the Demon Tide moment and not another one of these "harr, harr, Sora has always been connected to the Age of Fairytales and of course this was foreshadowed ten years ago...
  12. Veevee

    Kingdom Hearts Nitpicks

    That also bothers me. In conversations, the games try so hard to go the "we also need darkness because we need balance" route, but everything that has any associations with the darkness is always bad. The Realm of Darkness is a realm where only creatures of darkness can survive in and no...
  13. Veevee

    Kingdom Hearts Animated Series?

    I would actually like to see short stories about topics that were hardly touched upon. How did Aqua and Terra come to Eraqus? What was the daily life of an Organisation member like - the Demyx diaries? How well did Sora, Riku and Kairi at school? When did Isa and Lea meet? What kind of journey...
  14. Veevee

    What's Made You Invoke Fanon Discontinuity?

    Digimon Tri as a whole. It was so badly written at some point and ignored the Original Adventure and 02 in so many aspects that I tend to deny it whenever I can. I'm trying my best to ignore the complete Ux timeline because the game just makes me super angry due to a lot of aspects. The ending...
  15. Veevee


    Yeah, I love extra content, but I'm a little salty to have already spent money and knowing it's a Switch game, it's not just a matter of spending a mere 20 or so again, but probably rather ... 50 or so with no decent price drop in sight. :/
  16. Veevee

    Kingdom Hearts Nitpicks

    To this day, it still boggles my mind that Riku never had a nobody despite constantly being so close to darkness. I mean, I like that because it underlined the point of him never completely falling to darkness and developing the "resistance" Xehanort later speaks of, but holy, did they really...
  17. Veevee


    I was so broken to hear about Xenoblade. It's been rougly two weeks when I used my Nintendo Membership Platinum Points to get a discount on the Original Xenoblade on Wii U (which I don't like a lot as a console). Now the Switch is getting the Definitive Edition ;__;
  18. Veevee

    Underrated aspects of KH games

    KH1: I liked the Dalmatians, the special magic of the game and the depiction of the characters. Re:Com: I love the way the Organisation was presented. To me, this is not only the game that introduced them, but they were quite menacing - they actually communicated with each other, thus seeming...
  19. Veevee

    Antagonist Backstory

    To be honest, I wouldn't really be interested in Xehanort's backstory. JRPGs in general seem to be pretty bad at this, so the villain's motivation is usually something like "gone mad" , "because I can", "I meant well and felt I was just but got corrupted by power so I thought it was super fine...
  20. Veevee

    List some pros and cons of KH3’s Disney worlds

    Toy Story: Pro: Loved the design. So many games and toys and all the colour. Gorgeous. Young Xehanort showing off with his teleporting abilities was great. Con: Young Xehanort getting "roasted" by the most generic anti-bully response ever was pathetic and his appearance was pretty much a waste...