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    Who Is that voice!!

    Well, the way you described 'im was along the lines of "Guardian." That's what confused me. (not to mention, almost anything can be called 'Spirit' and it'll make sense.) I haven't been to any of the BHK thread, it seems like I should. ((Sprits is a cool word, but so is Xinthos, and you don't...
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    Who Is that voice!!

    :? I thought BHK was more like a Sora reflection. ((Similar looks, but different personalities. Not really something you can prove until the game comes out, though))
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    Who Is that voice!!

    I like the "Voice of Kingdom Hearts" idea, but can't we just leave it as a mysterious voice? You don't need to solve every mystery. There's all this stuff we know and all this other stuff we "know," I think it's good as a mysterious voice.
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    Kingdom hearts manga.

    Some of the changes were pretty funny too, usually story changes end up being for the worse. If it does come out in english, it'll probably be long after the games have been forgotten. :rolleyes:
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    shouldn't have been made

    I liked the storyline ((Well, what I've seen, I'm having trouble beating Riku yet again.)), but I don't think they should've had the card system. There are quite a few people out there that lack deckbuilding skills completely, and that makes the game extremely difficult.
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    its being pushed back

    Actually, the first date we had was early this year, then it said later this year. So no one really knows.
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    Kingdom hearts manga.

    Um... it's prety much brand-new in Japanese, so the answer would be no, probably not. ((And next time you have a question, only post it once ))
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    Favorite Organization Member

    Axel's my new favorite char. XP He's got a firewall attack, how can he not be cool?
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    Interesting problem.....

    OK, I can't access the forums at home, it's happened before, but the forums were gone then. The forums are back (obviously) but I still can't find them at home, I get a "You don't have permission to access this site" message. It also says there was a “404 file not found” error. I wanted to know...
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    The message....

    Weel, nobody in particular might be sayin' it, but it does describe the story a bit. ((Would explain, but it's 6AM))