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    maleficent's memory and slight unbirth theory

    You think Aqua sealed her heart or somthing like that?
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    Short unbirth term theory

    Perhaps when the unbirths awaken, I guess that makes the process of creating heartless and nobodies posible, any thoughs?
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    Ven = Kingdom Key O.O

    That glowing darkness you were talking about seems to be MX's own keyblade. At around 3 minutes into the bbs trailor, it looks like he turns his keyblade in to that glowing ball, I don't think ven had anything to do with it, and why he waited untill that time to do it, I'm not sure.
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    Is the Org. really evil?

    If they had been able to reach their goal, what might have happened next? Would there still be an org.?
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    Dark Soldier could be a dark Ven

    I can't believe I'm typing this but I just can't stop thinking about it. :cry: I was listening to one of my songs (nothing to do with kh) and my thoughts just immediately turned to ven when I herd "face myself" and "erase myself" in the chorus of linkin park's "what i've done". This has now got...
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    Gotta get this outta mah head...

    I don't know about creating someone from out of no where, but maybe this is like creating the riku replica or the dark sora, may even that ven roxas whatever, I've been thinking a lot about how and why such characters are copied, cloned, reborn, etc. kairi clone, copy, replica? I don't know
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    Xion's Connection

    I just had another thought... maybe roxas has nothing to do with sora until the end of days or begining of kh2. xion must have given somthing or he must have taken something from her that made him have sora's traits (personality, memory, etc.) i think i'm over reacting a little but oh well ok...
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    Xion's Connection

    here is what I think. xion and namine were created at HB, roxas is still a mystery to me because of ven. maybe kairi's heart had a sronger influence on the appearence of both nobodies since her heart is pure light or something.
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    New Unbirth Theory

    perhaps they are the souls of those who died in the keyblade wars, and like ghosts with unfinished business, they continue to fight perhaps any one that still have a keyblade... i'm not sure.
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    This is just a quick thought but perhaps darkness dosen't need a heart to take shape like the heartless. Would it still make him a heartless if it turns out that hie is just pure darkness.
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    The meaning of Unbirth

    ok.. ok... if you say so
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    The meaning of Unbirth

    three things make up a whole being, I thought that there could be other cobinations. and those reports are just as good as our theories and assumptions right? I mean, aren't some of those reports his theories and assumptions as well?
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    The meaning of Unbirth

    heres what I'm thinkin, unbirth = body/heart , no soul... what do ya think.
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    xion's keyblade

    You can change the shape of the keyblade with keychains can you? some how roxas got a hold of sora's keychains. He atleast held two of them in kh2.
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    xion's keyblade

    This was just a quick thought that I had and I was wondering about xion's keyblade. And I tried searching for any threads relating to this but I couldn't view them so tell me if someone already went over this. riku and roxas both double weilded keyblades, riku double weilded once, if I...
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    The meaning of Xion

    :dizzy:...my mistake, I ment the n
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    The meaning of Xion

    Mabe a letter from each of their names was used to make Xion's name. The i from Kairi, The o from Sora, and the e from Namine... it's just a guess.
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    The meaning of Xion

    I've looked up ino in a jap translation online dictionary and found that ino is in parts of words that mostly mean crossbreed, hybrid, door between rooms, riding together, dawning sky, snow mingled with rain... does any of this relate to Kingdom Hearts?
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    Possible Reason as to why BBS takes place 10 years before KH1?

    That's awsome, how about pirates of the caribbean.
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    Riku's blindfold

    Why didn't Riku beat Roxas the fist time they fought when Riku had the power to do it all along? Did he know what would happen if he tried the first time or did he just go soft on him?