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    KH2 is easy but what was the 'hardest' part?

    Re: KH2 is easy but what was the 'hardest' part?? I thought that Sephiroth was by far the hardest. I don't have the fancy KHIIFM+ so yeah Sephiroth it is :)
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    The Chuck Norris Fanclub!

    This Fanclub is all about how awesome Chuck Norris is.:lol: Current list of Members Codes12
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    Do you even notice the change in sora's voice anymore??

    I think it fits quite well. In fact, if it hadn't changed, I would have found it weird. I mean, TWO YEARS and his voice still sounds the same? I think it fits nicely.
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    I'm missing one sleight can anybody help???

    You should have all of them. If you skipped one while leveling up, that would be it. If not, try looking in the Keys To Rewards rooms. sorry. Forgot that you said you did. I think that you do get one at 99. Can;t remember though. Sorry.