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    Help/Support ► Apology to all women

    Thank you. Its about time. I know I appreciate this.
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    I have found myself listening to Paramore more and more everyday. Does anyone else like them?
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    Help/Support ► Is it Real?

    Well...Thanks to everyone who has posted their opinions.
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    Help/Support ► Is it Real?

    Thanks a lot, girl. <3
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    Help/Support ► Is it Real?

    Yes, I do feel this bad, as you put it. You should know very well why.
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    Help/Support ► Is it Real?

    Yeah..It means alot to both of us, but I was unsure. It was a whole lot easier with chat, but we cant use it on here anymore. When I had a cell phone, we left messages, but thats gone now too.
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    Help/Support ► Is it Real?

    Is an online/long distance relationship still considered a relationship? And if you break up does it really mean anything? Any help would be nice. Yours Truly, .:Saved:. a.k.a.= Des
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    New name for Riku's part of CoM.

    lol. AoA.....people have to love you... Look! I have already commited teh nonsense!!! *slap*
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    Help/Support ► Alright...Here we go....*deep breath* HHHHHHEEEELLLLPPPP!!!

    Good Advice! :thumbsup: lol But I totally agree.
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    I'm soooo sorry everyone....

    But I'm leaving the forums... My schedule is VVVEEERRRYYY hectic...work..school...home..... I'm sooooooooo sorry, especially to all my friends.... And especially TCK. I love you all!!!! Signing out! ~.:Saved:.~
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    The T-C-K *drumroll* fanclub!!!

    EDIT-I am gonna edit this real quick before the thing freezes up. Join this fanclub, for TCK, or I will push you into a lake. With evil fish. Now go!
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    Axel..2nd Time..

    Oh! Well..what cards to use. I'm level 73.
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    Axel..2nd Time..

    Uh...I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!
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    It is proven!!! I am a total idiot!!!

    I scratched the game....not just a scratch..THE WHOLE FRICKIN THING!!!
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    The Used Owns ALL!!!! (And P!ATD)

    Uh..kinda obvious!!! Burt McCraken RULES!!!! Who else thinks soooooooo?
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    Hey! My name is .:Saved:. I come to you from a galaxy known only as: Whitfield. MUHAWHAWAHAHAHAHA So..hi!