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    Kingdom Hearts II volume 3 Manga Cancelled or Postponed?

    I just hope it's postponed. KH has ended up being in the top 10 of many video game lists and it seems like tokyopop is to dense to realize it. If KHII was in the hands of Viz or Del Rey I bet we would be to volume 5 by now. But KH manga are in the worst possible companies hands right now Disney...
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    Kingdom Hearts II volume 3 Manga Cancelled or Postponed?

    Tokyopop is truly an irritating company. They seem more eager to start a new series then to finish a old one. In other words never finishing a series unless they know they can make a profit off it. It feels like an etertinty since a new manga novel has been released and now I'm concerned if it's...
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    BBS and the PSPGo?

    Hey does anyone know if BBS is coming out for the PSP 1000, 2000, and 3000. I bought a PSP 2000 because of Dissidia and BBS. But now I'm really concerned about this PSPGo. If BBS is coming out soon does this mean it's available exculsively for the PSPGo or all the systems. I guess I'm just...
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    KH Novel Translations - Official Thread

    Re: KH2 Novel Translations - Official Thread Thank you Thank you Thank you for this masterpiece of rare translated KH2 stories!:36:
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    Kingdom Hearts II Volumes 3 & 4 Manga

    Wait a sec Anime Insider went under?! I was wondering why I didn't get this months issue in the mail darn it.:cry:
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    Kingdom Hearts II Volumes 3 & 4 Manga

    Demise? MMMMM OHH! You mean going down under. Well that's not okay for me until they finish up my favorite series including Kingdom Hearts II! Tokyopop used to be a reliable company but when you compare it with Viz and Del Rey there has been a lot of faults. I can't even gather information on...
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    Why does roxas appear to fight sora?

    I don't know wasn't Roxas frustated and upset that his best friend Axel just faded away, by helping Sora (opening a poral to the world that never was) and all Roxas's frustrations reached a peak and he fought Sora.
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    If you can improve KH2 what will you do?

    Not have Axel die.
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    Kingdom Hearts II Volumes 3 & 4 Manga

    Bankruptcy!!! Well I guess that would explain a few things about their reputation plummeting and postponing release dates. But that's still not any excuse not to release the last 2 volumes of KH II!!!
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    KH Novel Translations - Official Thread

    Re: Axel--Seven Days Game Novel translation Yay! Thank you! Thank you! This is truely amazing thank you!
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    Kingdom Hearts II Volumes 3 & 4 Manga

    Okay not to sound ungrateful or anything, but when on earth is Tokyopop going to release Volume 3! I've been checking on borders.com lately and it says it's coming out on May 30th and Volume 4 is coming out sometime in August. But I feel like this info is highly unreliable because volume 3 was...
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    KH Novel Translations - Official Thread

    Re: Axel--Seven Days Game Novel translation Yay Yay finally a translation, I had almost given up hope when I found out Tokyopop decided not to handle the novels (Ijust hope the same thing doesn't happen to the manga novels.) This is so cool!!!
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    The Fate of Broccoli

    D':All right I already heard about the Broccoli company in December pulling out and going back to Japan. But what's really irrating me is that they announce Disgaea 2 Volume 3 graphic novel and it's out of print everywhere. This of course includes all anime, manga associated by Broccoli are also...
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    Coded on iPod Touch?

    Well I hope it does end up on PSP because how are we supposed to play the next big platform installment of Kingdom Hearts if we don't know the inbetween story. Not only that but not everyone wants to go out and purchase a new cell phone for a game when you can just buy it on video game shelf...
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    Dot Hackers in G.U.

    I remeber hearing either Yata or Ovan saying they were dot hackers in R.1 but I can't figure out who they were. I already Piros and Natsume are in the game. But what are Ovan's and Yata's identies from the past?
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    How good is Coded going to be?

    I heard a rumor that Coded may end up on PSP. But then again it's just a rumor. I just hope someday we'll be able to play Coded on a game console instead of a stupid phone.
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    Xion Theory!! POSSIBLE TRUTH

    Maybe Kairi was able to have 2 nobodies. One half controlling memories (Namine) that eventually returned to Kairi (see the end of KH2 when she holds out her hand to Roxas) And Xion who possibly wound up with the memories of Sora while Kairi forgot. I really don't know it just seems a little...
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    Coded ending list (Read it *ALL*)

    Yeah Terra and Zack look alike. But why the heck is Terra's hair brown and Zack's black. I mean I can see the same similarieties with Zack helping Cloud when he was unconious and Terra helping Ven, but I'm still seeing a gap in similarieties
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    RE: Chain Of Memories - Voice Cast

    Re: Chain Of Memories - Voice Cast Oh my Gosh! Oh my Gosh! Oh my Gosh! Recom is really coming I'm like so psyched. I really hope Quinten Flynn does the voice of Axel because he makes Axel so hot that way! I just hope he isn't to preoccupied with the Iruka role in Naruto.
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    kingdom hearts 2 manga vol. 3

    You guys gave me a scare for a minute there! I was beginning to think Tokyopop cut KH from their collections. It's really sad to what is happening to Tokyopop with cutting back on titles. But I agree if Disney reduces the good name of KH fans by throwing a KH novel in our faces that abouselty...