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  1. Dark Ansem

    Borderlands 2 Co-Op

    Why hello there! I'm getting Borderlands 2 for the ps3 and have no one to play it with online. I would preferably play it with someone. If you are planning on getting the game on the ps3 let me know if you want to skype and play the game together. 5 bucks says no one will respond to this...
  2. Dark Ansem

    KINGDOM HEARTS 3D Community Feedback

    Re: Freezing Drop Glitch Ya. Once I was playing as Riku in Traverse Town and I used a command but I guess it missed and I fell through space for about 10 seconds before reloading on normal ground.
  3. Dark Ansem

    Best Dream Eater Team

    See. The problem with that is that you are missing out on either the magic hastes and boosts or attack hastes and boosts. Actually. Yes. Skelterwild would totally be great for the team as he does give more varied stats. I do however think Tyranto is a more capable fighter, but really I...
  4. Dark Ansem

    Best Dream Eater Team

    So after doing a lot of research and trying various dream eater teams, I think I've found one that can be called the best or at the very minimum one of the best. I don't think there is one definitive best team since there is no way of getting all the stat boosts and everyone has different play...
  5. Dark Ansem

    Official KH3D Boss Help Thread

    Re: Secret Boss how is your health so high? i got every hp boost wih riku, beat the frog king and beat the game but my health wasnt that high...?
  6. Dark Ansem

    Last Scene of Kingdom Hearts: DDD predictions?

    Heres the ending to KHIII - Sora wins.
  7. Dark Ansem

    Theories about a few things in KH3D.

    I think this thread deserves more attention since it has one of if not the best theories about kh ddd. One thing I do disagree with is that Xehanort will be in the Realm of Sleep. I do think he is the main villain in the game but he isn't actually going to be present in the game. (atleast with...
  8. Dark Ansem

    Mysterious Figure Theory

    Now just the other day it struck me as to who the mysterious figure might be. I wanted to share my theory so after many years I created an account. I believe the mysterious figure could be Xehanort. The real Xenhanort who returns after the events of KHII. Master Yen Sid said he would return to...