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  1. ReverofEnola

    Kingdom Hearts 3 First Released Vs Remind Now

    Sadly it's still the same for me. The LimitCut portion of the DLC is great and really forces me not only to git gud but also to learn more about the mechanics KH3 had to offer. Like I completely forgot how OP the player can get when they equip the Fire/Blizzard/Thunder Boosts to Sora when...
  2. ReverofEnola

    KH1 Stop + Gravity + Gravity

    Part 2 of another video I posted with Stop+ Gravity+ Gravity. It sort of gives a cool reason as to why Stop and Gravity have not returned as much in future Kingdom Hearts games other than CoM and in a way Birth By Sleep.
  3. ReverofEnola

    Do you ever think they'll re release this game in beautiful HD

    Honestly, I would only enjoy a remake of this game if the gameplay was more in line with how the Persona series treated its calendar/days system. And even add in some social points for the Organization members to learn more about the various Organization members. However, then again most KH...
  4. ReverofEnola

    COM Gameplay Appreciation thread

    YO! I forgot that Jiminy was actually part of the game's plot in CoM. Dang good job CoM. I think the only other game to do that would have been Coded.
  5. ReverofEnola

    COM Gameplay Appreciation thread

    I LOVED CoM! It's still my second favorite Kingdom Hearts game in the series. 1. The gameplay was pretty strategic & RPG like. 2. Riku's character development was really great. Plus, earned him a lot more fans after KH1. 3. Riku and Mickey's relationship is favorite in the series. Especially the...
  6. ReverofEnola

    Noob Reacts To Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailers.

    I dragged my friend into doing something amazing for me. He hated me after this though lol. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIMe_PDpWRY
  7. ReverofEnola

    All Secret Bosses in KH1FM at Level 1

    True though imo I just miss the colored HP bar from the 1st game and even original CoM had. I don't know it just gave the game a more "organic" feel (or even more of an JPRG feel) rather than just multiple green HP bars which just gives it a more action game feel if that makes sense.
  8. ReverofEnola

    All Secret Bosses in KH1FM at Level 1

    Man, I love this game way too much. Though I can say that it really does not feel it was designed for level 1. And honestly if they removed it I still would love this game and declare it the best in the series. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vR9GWfijUE
  9. ReverofEnola

    Defending Sonic Adventure 2's Treasure Hunting

    Just my own unpopular thoughts on this subject. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwzahZPZ25E
  10. ReverofEnola

    Definitive KH1 Keyblade Tier List.

    Definitive list based on my opinion of the keyblades presented in Kingdom Hearts 1 Final Mix. Sort of kind of based on an earlier thread that I created. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XM8VDaCKYo4
  11. ReverofEnola

    Friends with a KH character?

    What character or characters do you HONESTLY believe you could be friends with in real life? Could they easily adapt into your very own lifestyle or would their ideals clash too much with your own that you would become enemies with them?
  12. ReverofEnola

    For you Persona fans...

    That would would be even better espcially since most non-numbered KH games was where Nomura and Square started testing all of these new gameplay mechanics like card based gameplay or the command decks. Hell, when it would come to Roxas's confidants or social links he could even have some OUTSIDE...
  13. ReverofEnola


    Because KH2 overall (just like future games in the series) really treats the Disney side of the game as filler. The fact that they disappeared partway through the game is sadly no surprise...:(
  14. ReverofEnola

    For you Persona fans...

    EXACTLY! And yeah I'll have to agree that calling them confidant would be a better term than social link. But just imagine it. We could have learned the motivation from each of the members as to why they joined the Organization (other than just wanting to be whole again), what they were doing...
  15. ReverofEnola

    For you Persona fans...

    Lol you gotta max it out to get this super rare item before she leaves for Castle Oblivion.
  16. ReverofEnola

    For you Persona fans...

    What if Days tooks a lot more inspiration from the Persona games and they utilized the days/calendar system and even used the social links too but this time for each of the Organization members? And just like in Persona you will learn more about each Organization member, unlock new...
  17. ReverofEnola

    Most Annoying Way To Gain the Ultima Weapon

    DDD does it a tad worse imo. Since you get from Julius who is a boss you can only unlock AFTER completing the story (like CoM). Then again I HATE doing the board games and races in BBS to unlock the Ultima Weapon which isn't even the best weapon in the game. KH2 has the easiest way to unlock it...
  18. ReverofEnola

    Most Annoying Way To Gain the Ultima Weapon

    Lol I figured this would be the first response. This even more annoying than having to complete all of BBS's Mirage Arena? And even then the keyblade is outclassed by Royal Radiance in Final Mix.
  19. ReverofEnola

    Most Annoying Way To Gain the Ultima Weapon

    So what Kingdom Hearts game has the most annoying method to gain the Ultima Weapon? It does not really have to be difficult but just annoying, tedious, or just does not make any sense sometimes.
  20. ReverofEnola

    Spellweaver is pretty overpowered

    Especially when you have enough fabracadbra's with Zero Exp equipped. Whether or not this is better than the Peter Pan method is debatable. Though I've learned that the Peter Pan method does not insta-kill on Level 1 runs. :( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8W6kCiFN-E