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    My Favorite quote was this: "You and your darkness have nothing to offer. All I did was lose myself... Empty myself! I'm finished with all that. If I'm stuck seeing people like you, people of the dark... I'll take you out one by one." - Riku.
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    Secret Ending in BBS?

    I think there will be a secret ending on all of the new games. Coded would probably have a small secret ending, Days would be bigger, and BBS would have the biggest and best Secret ending of all. All of KH3
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    Organization XIII

    Until Re:COM, My Favorite was Roxas. Now It's Larexene
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    V.I.M.S. Vexen Is My Savior
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    Kingdom hearts re:chain of memories

    No I bought my copy at a store
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    kh2 poll

    At first I was thinking I would be Riku, then I thought about it. Riku had a really sucky life. First, he was restless at home. Then he ends up not trusting his best friend. After that he ends up b eing manipulated by a witch. Then his body get taken over by some guy and it forces him to fight...
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    Who do you think dies in bbs

    I think everyone except Mickey is going to die in BBS.
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    Hardest Re:CoM Boss?

    For me it would have to be the Trickmaster in Reverse Rebrith And Ansem, he slapped me up plenty of times The Second Vexen too.
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    The Namine Topic 2.0

    I just played Re: COM. It made me like her even more. Namine is the coolest.
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    Two Namines

    The first Namine (the one that looked solid) was the fake Namine, the one from Sora's fake memories. She was there in order to do something that would make Sora Marluxia's Pawn forever. The second Namine (the on that looked hazy and not really there) was the real Namine contacting Sora to get...
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    Larxene 2nd Fight Help

    She's hard to fight man. Try using Strike Raid and then use Sonic Blade. It always helped me.
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    Question about Riku

    He never lost his heart to the darkness. It was just Zexion messing with his head.
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    bbs other keyblades?

    No I think they won't get to used different Keyblades, especially not Ven the Way he Holds and uses his keyblade.
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    The Namine Topic 2.0

    I liked Namine from the first time she showed up on the KH2 Opening movie.( I havn't played COM yet)
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    what do you think of re chain of memories?

    I have to say I liked Re: Chain of Memories. It was much more fun than the GBA version. It was a definite change of pace from KH and KH2. Re: COM even had a different story about a totally different character. Re: Chain of Memories was a very fun game.
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    Favorite sleight?

    Thunder Raid, Holy, Sonic Blade, and Trinity Limit
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    How far are you in the game?

    I got my hands on it less than a month ago, I Beat Both Stories,
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    Sora's Story or Riku's Story?

    I really can't choose. Sora's Story was much longer, you can use Slieghts whenever you wanted to, and you have Donald and Goffy to use. But with Riku's Story You fight as Riku, The worlds are much shorter so less text reading and more getting to the point, also there is the Awesomeness which is...
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    Basically just keep fighting. Make sure to use your Slieghts wisely. And keep strong potions and High potions. Using Strike Raid to knock him out for a second the using Sonic Blade(or whatever it's called) Always helped me when it came to Vexen. Reall all bosses
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    This annoys me

    Because they ended forgeting that they were in their own memories.