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  1. StyX

    Happy 20th Birthday KINGDOM HEARTS | DREAMSCAPE ! Emotional and Epic

    "Don't assume that your dreams are just fantasies. If you can imagine a world, believe in it...and dive in." Happy birthday Kingdom Hearts and thank you! May your heart be your guiding key 🗝️
  2. StyX

    Spoilers ► The identity of Yozora, a known lost Keyblade wielder ? (WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES)

    I would like to share with you a theory about Yozora and I hope to surprise you with this one. (You can now activate the subtitles on Youtube in English) Feel free to give me your opinion
  3. StyX

    Digital Media ► CMS : Youtube Content thread (no advertising)

    Fan Story -- Xehanort Destiny -- Kingdom Hearts "The Path to Darkness" Hello everyone, here I am again for a very special video and a new way to tell you the story of Kingdom Hearts through a narrative cutscene video and with new "staging" to express my unofficial vision that I have of the...
  4. StyX

    Digital Media ► CMS : Youtube Content thread (no advertising)

    *SPOILER* The Mythology in Kingdom Hearts | PART : I and II (WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES) Hello everyone! I have a special video for you ^^ with the mythology in Kingdom Hearts and this vidéo show you a lot of aspects of the lore by finding its insipirations and there is a lot of discovery so...
  5. StyX

    No dubbing for Kingdom Hearts III ? MY RESPONSE ! #EudubbingforKH3

    https://youtu.be/JXYhhDc83Bc (you can enable English subtitles as well) I know that there is no Official announcement by Square Enix but I think it is important to share this topic about dubbing outside English-speaker and Japanese countries. We were lucky to get the dubbing on playstation...
  6. StyX


    MEMORIES OF THE LOST | KINGDOM HEARTS III http://youtu.be/kmVYmPsJdj0 A new fan-trailer on Kingdom Hearts, do not hesitate to comment and to give your opinion.I finally had my new pc and I must say that the editing become much more convenient and faster. I am very happy ^_^
  7. StyX

    Hello from France =)

    Hello KHINSIDER ! My name is Steve and I have 31 years old. I live in Lorraine in France since my birth. I have a modest youtube channel on the series kingdom hearts (Kingdom Hearts memoria) I really enjoyed quickly making fan-made video on Kingdom Hearts and I like to share my point of view on...