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  1. K3ybladespartan

    Dual Wielding Confusion...

    I'm a bit confused with the explanation for how it works. If it's because Sora had Ven's heart inside him, then why couldn't it work in KH1 or CoM? I could have sworn it was because of the new clothes and Drive ability. Help...Please?
  2. K3ybladespartan

    KH2 Secret Ending Question(s)

    That video was just a test video, none of that was canon.
  3. K3ybladespartan

    KH3D TGS 2011 page.

    Sounds like we'll get our light based enemies to me
  4. K3ybladespartan

    Chain of Memories Quesion

    I think he just plays along, cuz that would be a bunch of pointless dialogue (though the worlds dialogue themselves was really just recycled it anyway)
  5. K3ybladespartan

    Plotholes Thread

    Can someone give a legit plot hole that can't be explained? Like Namine's existence...is that a plot hole, or has that been resolved now?
  6. K3ybladespartan

    Plotholes Thread

    Why did Mikey tell Donald and Goofy to look for the "key" and ask leon for help if he knew Sora had it all along?
  7. K3ybladespartan

    Who do you think is more important in Kingdom Hearts? Terra, Aqua or Ventus?

    Actually all the stuff happening from 1 onwards is Aquas fault. She saved Terranort from the Dark Realm. He could have just stayed there and *poof!* no organization, no artificial heartless.
  8. K3ybladespartan

    Namine confusion

    I like the idea Grass made that Namine was a physical representation of the spell aqua placed on Kairi.
  9. K3ybladespartan

    Dream Drop Distance

    Wow The Drop gauge game mechanic seems kind of random...
  10. K3ybladespartan

    Dream Drop Distance

    Has anyone come up with any theories as to what exactly is signifigance of the 3D's are? I'll share my thoughts on it. Dream: I think it has to do with Sora and Riku going to sleep and Sora trying to get the Data in his heart, while Riku could be trying to find the hidden part of Terra in...
  11. K3ybladespartan

    MX controlled the keyblade-stabbing, NOT Terra

    yeah I'm gunna go with Grass cuz if Xion was Roxas' replica, why didn't she turn into roxas on the clocktower at the end? She trned into sora for a reason, and that was to become the new sora.
  12. K3ybladespartan

    PLot holes

    I guess I must be oblivious because I dont see plot holes when I play the games. Could someone list the plot holes? so far cuz I dont see them. please and thank u
  13. K3ybladespartan

    BBSFM Secret Ending confirms Mystery Game

    From the looks of the trailer its gunna be a muliti-character playing game. It might not just be Aqua you play as
  14. K3ybladespartan

    KH2 Retcon?

    OHH!! That makes since....
  15. K3ybladespartan

    KH2 Retcon?

    Now when I first played KH2 the reason Sora could dual wield was becuase of his clothes. Now its because he has two hearts inside of him...Retcon much or am I missing something?
  16. K3ybladespartan

    New KHBBSFM NO heart boss scans

    How are you a Nobody if you have a heart?
  17. K3ybladespartan

    Are you really a Nobody?

    In days it seemed like Xemnas knew or it could just be how he looks like ventus
  18. K3ybladespartan

    Are you really a Nobody?

    Yeah just wondering after reading all these people aregue about who has who's heart. A question formed and it may be dumb but still a bit of a thinker...How can you be a Nobody if you have a heart? I mean a Nobody is a body/soul with no heart but if you say that Roxas has Ven's heart, then how...