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  1. Ranko

    News ► Nomura Interview in Famitsu Mentions KHII HD!

    So Nomura wanted to remake Days but didn’t get to... do you think they’ll remake Re:Coded for 2.5? Nomura will have more time to plan ahead for the next collection. But if Re:Coded gets the theater mode treatment in 2.5 how much of the story will they cover? Re:Coded was fun gameplay wise but...
  2. Ranko

    News ► Scan of KH 1.5 HD ReMix surfaces!

    Yes! As much as I enjoy Donald and Goofy's dialog they've always been useless in combat. It's one thing to be useless but in CoM Donald became a HINDRANCE! They really need to fix that.
  3. Ranko

    KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 Re:MIX Discussion

    I wonder if they'll alter Deep Dive. Like clearly show Roxas' face in it since they don't need to worry about spoilers anymore.
  4. Ranko

    Your Wishlist for Kingdom Hearts 1.5

    I hope they include trophies. I was thinking about trophies for Kingdom Hearts Final Mix and I came up with 25. 1. Beat the game. 2. Beat the game on Proud. 3. Beat the game on Critical. 4. Defeat Tidus, Wakka, and Selphie all at the same time. 5. Name the raft by beating Riku on Destiny...
  5. Ranko

    Your Wishlist for Kingdom Hearts 1.5

    Redub with the current VA’s BBSV2 scenes and especially playable episodes. Like with Riku spying on Roxas and Xion, Aqua traveling through the Realm of Darkness and all the other stuff. Since I guess Volume 2 isn’t going to be its own game they have to put that stuff somewhere, right? So 1.5...
  6. Ranko

    How exactly will he save them?

    Here's a couple guesses. Roxas, Xion and Namine will have their sentience pulled out and put into the realm of dreams where they can live independently form their old hosts. Or into the Datascape. Ansem's data includes how to make a replica, like how Vexen did it. So they'll make new bodies...
  7. Ranko

    What does the secret message mean?

    Maybe the "reborn as a new number" is talking about a character? Like someone becoming one of the 7 lights or 13 darkness.
  8. Ranko

    KH3D Final Mix Speculation Thread

    I don't think a Final Mix of DDD is necessary because the game is already packed. The only storyline bit I could think of them adding is Lea's keyblade training under Merlin and the fairies. And about optional boss battles, fighting the TWEWY cast would be cool.
  9. Ranko


    I've been wanting Sora, Riku and Kairi to fight together as a trio since KH1 first came out and now it looks like it will finally happen. I bet she'll help Sora rescue Aqua. But I wonder how she'll be handled. Will she be playable? Will she be a AI partner that follows you around like Goofy...