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  1. KHBassist

    Small Plot Hole

    Ah, KH and your translation errors...
  2. KHBassist

    Character Levels

    For those who have played BBS, After you finish the game with one character, when you start with the next, do you keep your current level or do you have to start back at level one again?
  3. KHBassist


    from what it looks like from watching gameplay, It's pretty hard. Alot of people doing the recorded playthroughs have died just on regular unversed battles. It's definitely not a button masher anymore.
  4. KHBassist

    Birth by Sleep PSP Wallpapers

    Ven and Vanitas would make a good wallpaper.
  5. KHBassist

    How long in Castle Oblivion?

    25 days...wow thats longer than I expected.
  6. KHBassist

    BBS Site Update + Jump Festa 2010 Trailer

    When Terra uses the big keyblade canon special attack the handle on the keyblade is the old design as well.
  7. KHBassist

    Birth by Sleep Japanese Commercial [Translated] + download link. All Commercial Discussion go here

    Re: New trailer is released! [JAPANESE COMMERCIAL] It's good that this came out. The theories have been rather dry the last few days.
  8. KHBassist

    Birth by Sleep Japanese Commercial [Translated] + download link. All Commercial Discussion go here

    Re: New trailer is released! [JAPANESE COMMERCIAL] Every time a new one of these comes out, it makes me more happy i bought a psp.
  9. KHBassist

    Vanita's heart

    I think it would be funny if Vanitas removed his mask and he was a character we had never seen before. and we're all like, "WTF? Who's this guy?"
  10. KHBassist

    I spy Braig

    Let's hope we can get a higher quality scan soon.
  11. KHBassist

    ... Twilight Thorn?...

    I've never noticed that. Is there a picture anywhere?
  12. KHBassist

    BBS possible NA release date

    That was a mistraslation? Good. That line really kind of ruined that scene for me. It just felt awkward.
  13. KHBassist

    Ven/Roxas Theory

    So Kairi is around 4 at the time of BBS. That would mean Ven would have to be around 10 or 11 at the time. I'm not seeing it.
  14. KHBassist

    Nobodys and there Somebodys

    I still don't see why the way he is wearing his hair at the time effects anything. He still looks the same, just with his hair moved a bit and a bit shorter.
  15. KHBassist

    Vanitas, Ven, and the Kingdom Key (A.K.A. VVKK)

    It's possible, but the idea of filters doesn't sit quite right with me...i don't know why.
  16. KHBassist


    I don't remember what that world is called, but it's just the multiplayer arena.
  17. KHBassist


    Xion had it at the end of Days
  18. KHBassist

    What exactly was Roxas doing during Kingdom Hearts II?

    He wasn't doing anything...he was together with Sora during the majority of KH2.
  19. KHBassist

    Riku's memories in Xion?

    Probably by being around Riku. By being near Roxas she sucks memories and power, correct? it could be the same sort of thing.
  20. KHBassist

    Terra is definetly (not?) Xehanort??!!!?!?!?!!!!???!!!!!

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