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    BBS site updated!!!

    Nice! :) Can't wait for the game anymore!! LoL
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    New Scenes in English version of BBS

    Yup. Somehow, I feel it's kinda odd how SE mistaken it.. The one who banishes Pete is supposed to be Mickey! Not Minnie!
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    Multiplayer Online?

    But what really bugs me is that my friend can go to the online lobby whereas I, who had exactly the same options with him, can't.. And of course I've already turned my WLAN switch on..
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    Sora and Master Xehanort (Same but opposite?)

    But didn't the game say that Xblade can only be made if two hearts of pure darkness and pure light intersects? So, an incontaminated hearts from both sides intersects. Get what I mean?
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    Need help over here

    Yeah. I already turned on my WLAN and I've even tried to go into google.com and I could! But I still can't multiplay with my friends... Thx 4 the replies though...
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    Need help over here

    O yeah, sorry sorry.. I was quite rushy.. Hehe.. So it's like this. After I chose "Online", a red window popped out. I don't know what the meaning is, but it mentiond something about configuration.. Strange enough, my friend who had exactly the same options in the config can go online...
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    Need help over here

    HELP! I cant multiplay with my friends! Can someone help me solve this please??
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    The 5th Xehanort: A new persona?

    Or what if the story is like this: After receiving Mickey's letter, Sora started a new journey (duh, that's in BBS). After he met Mickey, Sora finally learned TAV's story from Aqua who had finally able to return back to the world (this may be explained in one of the mystery game). Mickey told...
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    Who is the hero that Zack admires?

    Please... No more FF7... I already sick with the many games of FF7... Give other FF a pull pls...
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    Now for all those who played BBS

    Well honestly, I'm quite bored with the Vanitas battle.. It's just too many of them (except the Vanitas Sentiment. Now, that rocks! :) ). So if we can win the Ven vs Van battle, we are guaranteed to win all Van battles in Aqua's story.. And I agree with the guard - counter thing. In KH2 FM, we...
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    Trinity Report

    Does keyblades counts? If so then have you got the Ultima Weapon? Cuz I saw on YouTube that there's Ultima Weapon in BBS..
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    To make things clear about BBS

    Wow.. Such a complex story... I wonder if any children younger than teens are understand about the whole thing... Anyway, it's a great post! :) But one thing still confuses me.. You said that during his early sleep, Ven connected to Sora's newborn heart? When was it? The "awakening" time...
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    LS Moved

    If I'm not mistaken, isn't it where we fight Vanitas Sentiment? (BBS Secret Boss). Or maybe the place the portal is. Y'know.. The save point place...
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    Aqua help?

    It's in Radiant Garden. It's the 7th treasure. Can you read katakanas? You might have already owned it but you don't know it..
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    Having tried BBS for a while all I have to say is..

    What really disturbs me is the joy stick. I'm not very comfortable at spinning it to defeat Vanitas ore break free form "Stop"... Wew.. I really want it to be more like the original PS console. Other than that, I have no problems.. :)
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    The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread [complete]

    Re: The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread Wow, thanks! Exactly what I've been looking for! Oh and I hope Jess would do better as Ven, cuz his "What's going on!?" as Roxas doesn't fit my ear.. I can't feel Roxas' rage that time... No offense though..
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    Terra's Scenario

    Wait, I don;t really get with this Xblade thing. Is it the same with Keyblade, but SE just shorten it?
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    Birth by Sleep at 623K by 2nd Week

    ^ Arch Angel likes this *Thumbs up* Haha
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    The freaking Castle in Radiant Garden!

    Yup, and the time when we were so high on the castle platform but unfortunately we slipped and fell down to the bottom.. Good times... Haha... Anyway, I'm so hoping that it will and, like others said, with some puzzles to be solved. It gives more challenge than running straight all the way to...
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    Can any1 just call a mod to close this? Cuz I don't know any mod..