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    Who's The Best of The BBS Trinity?

    the way aqua fights looks like she's dancing. its artful.
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    Omg Xion referenced in SARs?

    in KH or KHII (I can't remember which) I believe it was said that Kairi had no heartless because heartless are born from the darkness in one's heart and she was a princess of heart therefore having a pure heart.
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    Who are you going to play in 358/2 Days

    Xaldin because he can float and just look at all of the spears!
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    Days ability question.

    when you played as Roxas in the battle against Axel with the two keyblades there were no finishers which was awesome!
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    How Excited Are you Right now for 358/2 days

    i must find out what Riku was doing, other than what we already know.
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    in Riku's character profile in KH1 it specifically says that he was the keyblade's original chosen wielder.
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    this theory, if correct, could be the connection between Riku and Terra that Nomura mention since they walked the same road. it could also go deeper than that.
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    has anyone else thought that the crossroads were Terra, Aqua, and Ven pick up the keyblades is just like where Riku, in chain, chooses the road of twilight to the dawn. If they are connected MX comes from the road of twilight to the dusk, Venn comes from the road of darkness, Aqua comes from the...
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    358/2 Days Boss Battle

    Riku beat Roxas to bring him back to Diz so that Sora could be made whole.
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    Master Xehanort's demise?

    then mickey seals him in the realm of twilight.
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    Ven, Aqua, Terra "Deaths?"

    I am curious to see what all of you think will happen to the main protagonists of BBS. I am undecided as to what happens, but it does seem probable that something happens to them so that they can no longer fight.
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    my Xion theory

    you could just refer to it as the fake keyblade since it was artificially made.
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    the tragic ending...

    one theory is that part of Aqua is preserved in the armor.
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    the tragic ending...

    first off there are a lot of theories floating around pretty much all you have said has already been discussed. second the enigmatic soldier battle had no significance to the story. it was just there for fun and publicity.
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    Mickey's Keyblade

    has anyone wondered why Mickey had the star seeker keyblade in BBS and the golden keyblade in KHI and on. Because I remember something along the lines of Mickey choosing a dark keyblade so that he could go to the dark realm.
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    KH2 is easy but what was the 'hardest' part?

    Re: KH2 is easy but what was the 'hardest' part?? Xaldin is awesome but he was also aggravating.
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    Code Names

    Has anyone ever thought that Terra, Aqua, and Ven might be their code names so that that their friends and family won't get hurt, or something along those lines. I'm just putting it out there and I'm not 100% on this. Just wanted to see everyone's reaction.
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    Sora's Story or Riku's Story?

    I'm glad they finally revealed what Riku was doing after KH1 since I thought that he might have been working with the organization since he had a cloak like them, but was relieved when I found out otherwise.
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    Quinton Flynn's Voice Acting

    His voice was better in KH2 than Re:Chain, but it was still better than if they had gotten someone else to do his voice.