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    Kingdom Hearts 3D Production Error!

    Hey guys! I bought my copy of KH3D today, I got the Mark of Master Edition. My brother and I both got a copy of it, and when we opened them I couldn't help but notice that the box went through a production error. The front half of the box that the game came in is actually put on upside down...
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    Sig. Pics help

    Umm I want to put a picture from my document into my sig, but when I click the insert image it just pops up asking me for the URL. How exactly do I put a download a pic from like my pics to my sig?
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    Action replay max/ gameshark

    Finally, I find out how to post a new thread. Anyways, I have a gameshark ( Sorry, but I love experimenting with cheat codes) but I can't seem to find any good cheats like I found on google video with it. I heard that an ARMAX may have some codes but I looked and still couldn't find the ones I...
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    Fanfiction ► The Pimpkey

    Re: The Pimpkey (a joke thread) Lol. That is hilarious! I like the part where Sora reads the letter.
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    Siefer and Leon?

    Ya that was just to help the fitting in of the characters. It would be kinda weird if Sora hung out on the islands with Riku Kairi and a bunch of older ppl.
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Attains Greatest Hits Status!

    wow... it was brand new and cost me $60 when I bought it. But i'm glad it's become GE. Maybe one day a black logo KH2 will be worth alot. Anyone?
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    KH2- Final Mix Secret Ending? (possible Spoiler Alert)

    Ya one follows right after the other. The only thing I don't get is how the 3 knights have the keyblades with keychains at the end of the first vid and at the begginning of the second vid they have different keyblades.
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    Moogle question(gba)

    If you want to beat Riku IV, fill your deck with as many 9 cards as possible and a bunch of 0's. Wait until he uses a card and break it with a 9, hitting him or just keep slicing away with the 9's. Save the 0's. When Riku uses a sleight, use a 0 card. This can be especially helpful with the Dark...
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    What was the worst thing that happen to you in KH2

    1. I was fighting sephy, half way through LAST bar of health, I go to use curaga, can't and die. 2. Played for about 2-3 hours, beat a few hard bosses, turn off the game, turn around ( D'OH) I forgot to save 3.Last boss, part where you are Riku, I forgot about using Dark Aura and died. That was...
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    Coming to the US

    I think the page said that there are rumors about a US release. I'll probably just import it if it wont come to america.
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    SE Old Man and Cloud

    No, he didnt say they couldn't see cloud, just sephy and tifa. What I don't get is that if the henchman is supposed to be like sephiroth, how come the other knights can see him?
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    U.E.M in Ansem's clothes?

    ya, I would be shocked if there was no connection between the two. I also noticed that the B.H.S. looks alot like roxas.
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    Anyone Remember?

    I'm pretty sure someone said you get something different if you beat KHFM+ and then Re:CoM. I mean correct me if i'm wrong but that's what I heard. And if I'm right, what is it?
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    new theory....on mickey

    :thumbup: I think the part about the chasers and the emotion/memories is gold.