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    How Will Rapunzel Story End?

    My main thought with this question is that Rapunzel is a party member and her hair is a large part of her attacks. If the game follows the story of the movie and ends with her hair being cut, what will happen after that? Will that scene occur in post-game credits? Unlikely, since it would be...
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    Stuck on Phil Cup Round 5

    I'm in round 5 of the Phil Cup and fighting a Cannon Gun and a Warlock Step. When the Warlock Step attacks, it reduces my strength x5. This makes all my hits do only 1 damage. I used Esuna, but it doesn't seem to remove the effect. What am I supposed to do?
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    Are the worlds canon?

    OK, so I'm just starting out in Unchained X, and I'm not sure if it's explained or not, but are the Disney worlds and characters canon to the story? I know that Unchained X takes place shortly before the Keyblade War, which took place a LONG time before the first Kingdom Hearts, so the Disney...
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    Kaa in KH3?

    So you know how Jungle Book was almost in BBS? Many people also think the world has a good chance in KH3. My question is if it's in the game, how do you think they might use Kaa? Obviously, Sheer Khan would have to be the final boss, but what about midpoint boss, or a recurring fight like Sabor...
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    No One Takes Revenge Like Gaston...'s Nobody?

    First of all, I wanna say that Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite Disney movies of all time and look forward to seeing it return in future Kingdom Hearts titles. As such, the following is a hypothetical scenario in which BatB could fit into KH3. SETTING - To not seem redundant, the...
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    Possible meaning of BBS

    I think it means that roxas was born inside Sora (not yet seperate from him!) from Ven when Ven fell asleep( or meaning he died or got 'erased')
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    Castle Oblivion, Keyblade Base?

    I think that it's safe to say that the crossroads at the beginning of COM and the crossroads in the secret ending are the same crossroads. Personally, I think the secret ending took place in the past, the keyblades were taken, and grass grew over the baren wasteland.
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    E.S. = Xehanort

    OK, to further my thought, I'll add this. I think that the dark sage is Xehanort and that he could have stolen the ES's body, just like his heartless stole Riku's, huh? So, he steals the ES"s body to become young or for some other reason, and when he takes over, he alters the guy's body...
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    E.S. = Xehanort

    Here's another theory for the secret ending. I think the Enigmatic Soldier is Xehanort. If you look at the end of the trailer where you see him looking up at Kingdom Hearts, you can see that his hairstyle is similar to Xehanort's, though brown, and his eyes turn yellow, like Xehanort's...
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    What New Areas?

    In the new KHII:FM interview, it said the existing world would have new areas. So, what new area would you like to see added to what worlds. If they added some to Beast's Castle, I'd like it to be the dining room where they sing "Be Our Guest", or the woods where you could fight wolves.
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    Riku Replica

    He died in a battle with Riku in Twilight Town in Reverse Rebirth on COM.
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    hey....is this...

    Namine said that at the end of COM i think. But it was Namine for sure. She could change Sora's memories, but they were never gone.
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    Should the Other Original Org Names Be Revealed

    THe members that weren't revealed are Saïx, Axel, Demyx, Luxord, Marluxia, and Larxene. One way I think would be cool for their identities to be revealed would be a miniseries in anime with each episode focusing on the lives and last moments of each member's original selves before their hearts...
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    Ultima-wepon trouble

    OK here's the thing. U need 14 Orichalcum + to make the keyblade. There are in fact only 7 in the game. One thing you need is an Energy Crystal, which cuts the amount by half. Here's where u find the 7 Orichalcum +'s: 5 come in chests 1 you get from obtaining all the types of materials in item...
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    Bringing Ooggie and Ursala Back

    Maybe all the villains that died went to the Underworld and Hades brought them back 'cauese he does have that power.
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    KH2 images from Official Site!!!!

    Can NE1 translate the stories that came with these pics from the official site. The pics came with long stories on the 3rd button. They may be descriptions of the movies but I wanna find out.
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    Better Quality Pictures of V-Jump

    Sora's at Kanga and Roo's house in 100 acre wood.
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    Better Quality Pictures of V-Jump

    Look at the gauge on the right for the mini game! there's a picture of atlantica at the bottom and something that looks like the surface world on the top and a pic of ariel in between. Maybe this game is supposed to help Ariel turn human so she can be on the surface world.
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    What worlds would you like to see added?

    In a Jungle Book world, what if Kaa would hypnotize someone into aiding the organization?
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    How do you think Axel will use Riku Replica in KH2?

    Riku Replica did disappear, but so what. Axel disappeared and kind of gave a death speech too, and he's back in KH2. I don't think all the unknowns, including Riku Replica, are gone for good. Disappearing must not be a true death.