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  1. WaveK89

    Is this hate for Kairi alone upset me?

    Eh, my minor complaint was that she didn't even struggle. Merlin was overlooking the training, so they could have had her used thunder to breakaway. Throw a few hits or swings. If she still ends up losing and getting taken by Xemnas, that's fine, but at least she did something to fight against...
  2. WaveK89

    Help/Support ► It's all I know

    I'm trying to hold on, you know. Kingdom Hearts III. Too much in my life. Life in general. This life, this world. It's just too much you know. I'm slipping so much, and I'm trying to make it to KH3. I'm trying. I'm seriously trying, but it's so hard. I'm trying. All that's left is KH3. So...
  3. WaveK89

    Discovered an awesome Fan KH3 Opening

    I recently discovered this video on YouTube created by Rileyy. It's a fan made Kingdom Hearts 3 opening created in a [MAD] anime-like opening. Now, I've no knowledge on creating these type of videos, but it really looks like this person put a great amount of work into this. I think this concept...
  4. WaveK89

    Time Axis and aging

    It's a weird concept to think about where every world functions on its own time axis. Even the Realm of Darkness is much slower in contrast to the Realm of Light. At least, we see this in the "Dark World" Aqua traversed through in 0.2. I find it to be an interesting idea though as unnecessary...
  5. WaveK89

    Intro cutscene doest play DDD

    Yes, this happened to me as well. At first, I had to think and remember if the opening CGI happened after a few scenes, but alas I was wrong. It's very odd as I've seen YouTube videos of people playing DDD HD where the opening CGI plays at the start.
  6. WaveK89

    Kingdom Hearts 2.8 is featured in Dengeki PlayStation #629!

    I'm really interested about the Chirithy. With all the scenes and shots we see, I hope it'll explain more about them and their origin. Adorable art up top with those three sketches. And another shot of Ephemer! Still lacking Skuld, but maybe it'll just be a surprise for the movie, I suppose.
  7. WaveK89

    Watch: Direct Feed Capture of Kingdom Hearts 0.2!

    I suppose the frame drop didn't really affect me much if at all, but I suppose it's a different experience watching it rather than playing it myself. Perhaps that's a good thing in my case, haha. Anyway, I do appreciate the work you took into bringing this video to us. It just has me more...
  8. WaveK89

    News ► Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover is 80 minutes long!

    Re: Kingdom Hearts ? Back Cover is 80 minutes long! The excitement, the hype. 80 minutes sounds reasonable to me. I'm certainly looking forward to this. Side note: Love the fact my FFXV case came with a 2.8 ad with the December release, haha! (I know why, of course). 8 weeks to go!!!
  9. WaveK89

    KINGDOM HEARTS 2.8 Japan Preorder Bonuses!

    They look awesome! I would think it'd be easy share the PS4 theme with everyone, but whatever. Here's to hoping on that. Anyway, I'd love to have some posters for those acrylic images. Hard to choose which artwork I like best. It's a tie between Aqua and Sora sleeping.
  10. WaveK89

    Watch the KINGDOM HEARTS 0.2 Opening!

    I keep tearing up at this opening. It really makes me feel for Aqua so much more. I have a great need to play this in hopes of ending her suffering.
  11. WaveK89

    Kingdom Hearts 2.8 listed as part of SAG-AFTRA strike

    The strike is certainly something I'm not against. More power to the voice actors. On the other hand, I would be disappointed if this affected/delayed the localization of 2.8 and KH3. I suppose that's selfish of me to think about.
  12. WaveK89

    Who's gonna wait till 1/24 after KH 2.8 comes out in japan?

    It's 12 days. I can handle that. At most, I'd say a month. In any case, I'll have to hide from social media, tumblr, this site, youtube. Hell, I'll have to avoid the internet if I keep going.
  13. WaveK89

    KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue Releasing January 2017 in Japan!

    Calling it now, KH3 will not be released in 2017. I'm guessing the short delay for 2.8 is due to marketing reasons with FFXV. Who can say, really? Trailer looks incredibly awesome though.
  14. WaveK89

    KINGDOM HEARTS 2.8 featured in latest issue of Jump!

    I know it's just a scan, but I kind of like how the grayscale look, haha. To be honest, as hyped as I am for trailer/demo of 2.8, I'm also a bit torn on thinking we'd receive too much info by this point.
  15. WaveK89

    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue looks like it will go PS4 Pro in December

    I'm sure 2.8/FFXV will be just as glorious on the original PS4 though it's good to hear support for the Pro. Nonetheless, I have no interest in the Pro unless I can trade my current PS4 with the Pro for $100. Otherwise, I just do not see the cost advantage at this point.
  16. WaveK89

    SPOILERS A special conversation before KINGDOM HEARTS 0.2 BBS revealed at First Breath concert!

    Yeah...considering the current point in time of the year, I hardly doubt anyone can avoid this spoiler for long. Not that I'm saying everyone should know; it is what it is. I'm both disappointed and happy at the same time, so whatever. Anyway, onto the content at hand, I'm just excited that...
  17. WaveK89

    Dream Drop Distance - Happy 4th Anniversary!

    The inner mechanisms of Nomura's mind are an enigma. I really did enjoy the game for all of it's worth even if the whole time travel thing threw me in for a loop. This is just a personal reason, but I hate that it's already been four years. I'm feeling old.
  18. WaveK89

    Embarrassing question: How do I close the game?

    Embarrassing, I know. It's probably right in front of me, but I've no idea how to exit the game. Well, other than rebooting my phone. I'm using an HTC One M9, so I'm hoping it's not a phone related issue.
  19. WaveK89

    Rebalancing KH3D

    This. Though sometimes it's the opposite of what I want, especially when I try to spin around large dream eaters.
  20. WaveK89

    A Perspective on Sora

    I wouldn't really say this perspective (theory if it can be called one) is anything we don't already know, but it sort of feels special and could possibly serve an additional significance to KH3. It's the idea of our journey with Sora that I realize all the connections and friends we've made...