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  1. TrinityXaos

    Some Artwork I Have Made

    I'm not sure where to post my artwork on this site. So, I'm going to use this as a starting point. This is my recent drawing and coloring of Kairi in clothes similar to Jasmine's. I may post more artwork in the future.
  2. TrinityXaos

    Art Showcase, any critiques would be appreciated.

    Am I allowed to post any of my artwork here? If so, I just make a drawing of Kairi dressed like Jasmine in Agrabah.
  3. TrinityXaos

    Make Your Own Kingdom Hearts Game Idea Here

    I've been trying to come up with ideas about a Kairi standalone story for a while. It's probably going to be a fanfiction story, but I want Kairi to have her own adventures while she is under Aqua's tutelage. Along the way, we learn more about who Kairi is as a person without Sora or most of...
  4. TrinityXaos

    Voting is up for the Game Awards 2022

    I voted for Final Fantasy XVI for Most Anticipated over Zelda.
  5. TrinityXaos

    Voting is up for the Game Awards 2022

    What games are you guys going to vote for?
  6. TrinityXaos

    Lost Masters Arc - Games prediction

    I am excluding Missing Link in this prediction since it is still connected to the x [chi] era. The starting title for the Lost Masters arc will be Kingdom Hearts IV on the current generation consoles (PS5, XBOX, PC), an in-between game along with Verum Rex, and then Kingdom Hearts V.
  7. TrinityXaos

    KH Shower Thoughts

    What if Kairi gets her own adventure while training under Aqua? What if we get a Kingdom Hearts game that has an epic narrative like Final Fantasy XVI is shaping up to be? What if the theme of sacrifice gets examined in a negative light in the upcoming games?
  8. TrinityXaos

    Fanfiction ► Through Her Eyes - A Kairi Story (Warning: It's heavy)

    Sacrifice. What a despicable thing, Kairi thought to herself. How can anyone be okay with doing such a thing? This question has been trapped inside her mind since she left the Final World. Every time she thought about him disappearing, not once, but twice, doesn’t just give her sorrow. It...
  9. TrinityXaos

    Advice/Help ► Ideas on how to write Kairi

    Just thought of this, does anyone think Kairi will hate the idea of sacrifice?
  10. TrinityXaos

    Advice/Help ► Ideas on how to write Kairi

    I asked this in another forum, but I trying to find some ideas about how to write Kairi. Her character is hard to figure out given her limited screen time: Her active appearances are in the numbered titles, and she is either not present or a minor character in the spin-offs. What do you guys...
  11. TrinityXaos

    Strelitzia and Kairi

    I'm just hoping Nomura and Square could give Kairi her own time to shine - WITHOUT Sora around.
  12. TrinityXaos

    Kingdom Hearts Nitpicks

    Okay, I'm new here, but I really hoping that Kairi gets treated better in the new story arc. Along with Kairi, I want Destiny Islands to be fully fleshed-out. I hate that we don't get much of the Destiny trio's lives and families before and during the Dark Seeker story.
  13. TrinityXaos

    The crisis core treatment

    How did you get access to Disney Castle in that first screenshot?
  14. TrinityXaos

    The crisis core treatment

    I thought Tetsuya Nomura was the "Creative Director" not the producer. I wouldn't mind if Square remake some of the previous Kingdom Hearts games, as long as it doesn't take away from the current saga's titles.
  15. TrinityXaos

    Fanfiction ► Fanfic Recs!

    Have you read the infamous "Kingdom Hearts III: Trials of the Keyblade" by DariusAlmighty (link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/3148076/1/Kingdom-Hearts-III-Trials-of-the-Keyblade)? I also would suggest AuraofOblivion's Kingdom Hearts fanfiction stories, starting with "Kingdom Hearts: Dual...
  16. TrinityXaos


    Hello, I am an artist known as TrinityXaos. I have been a fan of Kingdom Hearts and Square Enix since I was in middle school. My preferred art medium is traditional pencils. I am hoping to connect with fellow fans and show more of my work and thoughts.