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  1. ngc50

    Advice on Party Management

    Hello everyone! I am one of the leaders of the Dawn Treaders, a decently high ranking party within Vulpes. I am also mostly responsible for managing who stays and who is kicked. Until now it has been a straightforward job. If a player goes for a week with 0 lux, I generally hold a vote to kick...
  2. ngc50

    New Re:COM cards

    Hey guys, sorry if it's already been discussed, but couldn't find info anywhere else. 1. So I hear there are "new" cards that are clear bonuses for Days. What are they? Are they really new or are they just the cards that were originally KHII clear bonuses in sd chain of memories? 2. Will they...
  3. ngc50

    Need some ideas

    Ok me and my friends are trying to come up with some good organization XIII names for ourselves but we need some ideas. HELP PLEASE :) Our names are: Joey John Gray This should be interesting...
  4. ngc50

    Castle Oblivion/Namine

    Ive always wondered about how Sora really lost his memories in COM. Obviously Namine put in new memories, but IDK if the castle itself had anything to do with Sora actually losing the old ones. Like in the beginning of the game, Marluxia basically tells Sora that the castle is erasing his...
  5. ngc50


    OK, I just listened to all the drammatica tracks, and I gotta say, they were all AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!:thumbsup: 13th Anthalogys my new favorite kingdom hearts song, but i gotta see who agrees. bet 13th anthologys gonna win by a long shot.
  6. ngc50


    OK, does anyone know where I can download the english version of sanctuary?
  7. ngc50

    Riku's blindfold

    OK, I was just watching some cut scenes from KHII, and I saw the one where Riku regains his body after Kingdom Hearts is destroyed. When Riku takes off that blindfold, Mickey says he wore it because his "eyes couldn't lie." I have never understood what that meant, so can anyone explain? :huh:
  8. ngc50

    new video I found

    this is my first forum, and I might have put this in the wrong spot, but anywho, I found this crazy video on YouTube today. This might be really old, but a lot of the clips in this video werent in KHI or KHII or even KHIIFM+. Could someone please tell me where these clips came from? Maybe KHI...