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  1. FudgemintGuardian

    Been here 10 years apparently

    Logged in after a long time to see how are things and it turns out this is my ten year anniversary of being on this site. Doesn't feel like it's been that long. XD
  2. FudgemintGuardian

    Update cutscene not appearing?

    So I never bothered playing the Days cinematic through my copy until a while ago. Felt like having it play in the background for completion purposes, but I noticed the fight scene from the update didn't appear and it says I have all the updates, so what y'all know what's up with that? Thanks in...
  3. FudgemintGuardian

    How can the story be "fixed" going forward?

    We all got our complaints on how KH3's story and plot threads, old and new, were handled (or not at all, in some cases) and while we might have ideas on how things could've been done differently, what's done was done. The plot ship has sailed and it's full of holes, on fire, kids are screaming...
  4. FudgemintGuardian

    KH chaos with AI-generated paragraphs

    Was going to post this on Forum Insanity, but that section is pretty much dead y'all. Just learned over on Twitter about this site called Talk to Transformer, where you type a sentence and, well I'm going insane over this and makin' a bunch. XD Figured others would like to try it out...
  5. FudgemintGuardian

    Yesterday was not okay

    Yesterday, VoidGear.'s reply to me on the TLM thread brought up some...bad memories for me, that triggered my anxiety and made me sick the rest of the night. I know she doesn't know what I've been through, no one here does, but her attitude in her reply was...hard for me. The people on this...
  6. FudgemintGuardian

    What you Want/Don't Want/Expect in the next game

    Never too early to start this kind of thread! Whether it be scenarios, characters, "twists", gameplay, what have you. You know the drill, fam. (Though worlds should probably go in the Worlds sticky.)
  7. FudgemintGuardian

    Who do you want Sora's party member(s) in Shibuya to be?

    Even with Nomura diddlying confusing me over which Shibuya the one in the secret ending is. Whether he just meant Sora's in the Underground or it's a different Shibuya entirely (why he'd even bother with the latter I don't know,) there would be only ONE reason for Sora to be in any Shibuya. And...
  8. FudgemintGuardian

    I wish the fake games were real

    I wanna play Wall Street Ninja. :'(
  9. FudgemintGuardian

    Kingdom Hearts 3 in a Nutshell

    Today is a momentous day. Our lord and savior Just a Pancake has released the KH3 in a nutshell video.
  10. FudgemintGuardian

    Quotes from all the Voiceless Nameless Stars

    Was bored and figured "why not?" I'm excluding the voiced girl here since she has her own thread, and Namine as well unless ya'll want me to put her dialogue up too.
  11. FudgemintGuardian

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Secret Movie

    *cries all my tears* It didn't show much, but what it did had me in tears because I'm a total weenie for this shit. So it looks like in the next game we'll be visiting video game worlds. Riku is in Verum Rex while Sora's in TWEWY! Seeing the 104 building is what turned on the waterworks. lol
  12. FudgemintGuardian

    A Good Enough Summary of Kingdom Hearts

    I was initially going to put this in Forum Insanity, but that place doesn't get much traffic and this video was just too good. I was laughing all throughout! Also, with the negativity from the leaks and the Nomura I thought we could all use some good vibes right now...
  13. FudgemintGuardian

    Have you ever...

    Read someone's comment in the voice of their avatar?
  14. FudgemintGuardian

    The True Biggest News from E3

    Lea's coat has the original zipper pull. Meaning the ones shown on the new Org. XIII aren't a retcon! Maybe a silly thing to be happy about, but ever sense we first saw the new zipper pull it always bugged me a little. Now we know Xehanort added the ones the MoM and Luxu had on theirs for his...
  15. FudgemintGuardian

    Help my friend with a small survey?

    A friend of mine is conducting an small survey relating to the Doom series and he wanted me to post it here in hopes for more responses. Https://goo.gl/forms/y3VGkVLN1ZKAyWk03
  16. FudgemintGuardian

    Pixlr layers keep moving, HALP!

    I'm trying to work on something I need to get done before Saturday and wanted to color it on Pixlr like I always do, but all of a sudden whenever I color on a layer the layer will move, putting things out of whack. Even previous layers I've done in the past couple days are weird now even though...
  17. FudgemintGuardian

    What would you change/add to UX?

    Since we love complaining about UX, I thought I'd make this little thread where we can discuss our ideas for changes and features we'd like to see. Starting things off, while I still like the game, I feel it's gone stagnant do to no variety in activities. It's just battles, battles, and timed...
  18. FudgemintGuardian

    Chamber of Edits

    Good tidings friends. Today is a momentous day. I am pleased to announce that I finally made a dumb thread for my dumb edits. *makes Xemnas arm gestures* Since I've made plenty of silly things on this site over the years, I thought it'd be a neat idea to put 'em all together. I'll also post...
  19. FudgemintGuardian

    Totally Leaked KH3 Footage!

  20. FudgemintGuardian

    ~Italian Hands~ The Xehanort Fanclub

    "All of this was decided. My fanclub would welcome me here on this day, when I would return a complete person." The Master of Hands FudgemintGuardian Vessels Not Ienzo AleMustDie Hakan Xatos Howler DarkosOverlord Aelic ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...