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    The Collector

    From what I gather this is from the same people as some of the Saw films. Don't let that put you off though. It is a little like Saw but with a big dose of Home Alone thrown in. If Kevin used acidic glue, bear traps, razor blades and knives. I actualy had pretty low expectations as well, but...
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    Weeeeeell... this starts out as a magic gunslinger manga but also does magical girl, battle, blah, blah, blah. All in all it's a consistantly good shonen that's easy to just read casually. It doesn't get too caught up in big themes or arcs or anything. The arcs last about 5 or 6 volumes...
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    A messy messy manga. Zombie cyberpunk. Future horror. Pleasingly violent and brilliantly paced. The story is pretty light so you don't get too distracted from the badassery; such as taking on a horde of hideous mutants with a hatchet. On a motorcycle. There's a talking bear in there too...
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    Poker's great fun so why no thread? I've only been playing about 2 years. Fairly compotent player now. I prefer Texas Hold 'em to any other kind. Does anyone else play? Or even online. Anyone play for money? I play just down the pub as part of a little cash game each week. Only costs £2 and...
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    The Bled

    I swear to god I've seen a thread for the Bled on here before. Here's to the bestest emo/screamo/extremo band. Late last year I heard that The Bled had broken up and gone their seperate ways after the third album Silent Treatment. I was heartbroken. I see now they have a fourth, Heat Fetish. I...
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    A manga just started being released by Viz. I picked the first volume online but I've only read the first three chapters. So far I've established the main character is a chap called Caiman who had his head transformed to that of a lizard by a sorcerer. He is now systematically killing sorcerers...
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    The Crazies (2010)

    I watched the movie this evening. All in all it was very good. I haven't seen the original so I can't comnpare to that, but it is better than a lot of other recent horror/rampant virus films. There's a lot of really scary moments (One involving a surgical buzzsaw near the start) and the pace...
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    Drag Me To Hell

    I thought this sounded crap when I saw the poster and heard the name. Then I saw something else... Sam Raimi, you say? This could be interesting. And it was epic. So many horror films now try so hard (and fail) to make everything creepy and sinister. DMTH does that to an extent, but the main...
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    Red Cliff

    John Woo brings us a lovely film about the battle at Red Cliff (That's Chi Bi to Dynasty Warriors players). It's about two and a half hours long and has brilliant warfare scenes. Think if 300 was a little bit less silly. There's another film being released called Three Kingdoms: Resurrection...
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    The Unborn

    Anyone see this and think it was any more than mediocre? The most exciting thing was realising three days later it was the girl from Cloverfield. Also highly amusing when the old jewish lady said "We must continue what started in Auchwitz." or something. I don't think the writers thought that...
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    itt discuss Neue Deutsche Härte/industrial band or whatever
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    Manga - MPD Psycho

    I've got volumes 1-4 of this. Very nice drawing even though it's just black and white block, very little shading it looks bold and striking. Which plays a big part when it generally revolves around twisted killers and the messes they make. Anyone else read this? (If so be careful what you...
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    Very long shot... Dungeon Keeper?

    I lent this to a friend. Then I got a new computer with Vista. OIh dear. I can't play it any more. It installed ok, but I can't play it. Anybody got any bright ideas?
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    Peace Maker / Peace Maker Kurogane (manga)

    What's the difference between these two titles? Is one a sequel or something? I've got volumes 1 and 2 of Peace Maker but I've seen another series by the same authior and with the same characters called Peace Maker Kurogane. Explain ploz?
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    "Eyes bigger than your belly"

    I personally eat very little. Even though I get stupidly hungry sometimes I just ignore it; other times I'll load a plateload of food, start eating then lose interest. Anyone else do this or am I just bizarre?
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    Luca Turilli

    Before I start talking I want to check, has anyone ever even heard this name before?
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    Really, truly, completely and for good. Back now.

    Over the last year or so I've been on and offline like nothing else. Now I've got a reliable connection at home and ready to come at you all again. I'll enjoy catching up with what I've missed.
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    FFVIII Question - need answers quick

    Does the gunblade fire bullets like a gun? Yes or no with explainations. I'll try to rep all good arguments.
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    Ral Grad

    I picked this up yesterday, volume 1 of 4 to be released. Mainly because it's draw by the Death Note guy but it's pretty good in it's own right. Has anyone else read this or known any nice trivia?
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    Eden: It's an endless world

    I've got the first 4 volumes of this manga and I rank it very highly. Higher than more popular or well-known series. The art is realistic enough but not too much, which is a nice chance. The first two volumes, I thought, were a little slow but 3 and 4 were utterly enthralling. It's got a good...