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  1. Coeurl

    dai na-na dai na-na na na

    JKqVx5DGViM that's actually pretty catchy
  2. Coeurl

    Hooray! No more eyesore.

    Thanks to anyone who fixed the Clown College skin's What's Going On part at the bottom. I don't know if other people had this problem but before the fix, the Currently Active Users weren't showing any users at all. A really minor thing but it bothered the hell out of me, so yeah thanks for...
  3. Coeurl

    Help/Support ► Cascading Windows

    Well not really problem but I need your help anyway. I'm fairly new to Windows7 and I accidentally did something neat (I guess you can call it that). I was playing around in Photoshop while suddenly all of my opened programs in the taskbar cascaded in the center. But it's not your typical...
  4. Coeurl

    Supername Game

    basically you're a superhero but your name must embody what you fear the most. CancerMan
  5. Coeurl

    let's get creative!

  6. Coeurl

    let's combine peoples faces

    + =
  7. Coeurl

    Nanodiver (the next MH)

    lol just kidding The Next Monster Hunter is Doctor Hunting Action! so what do you think? ridiculous or ingenious?
  8. Coeurl

    Guess the title of the movie

    /justanotherguessinggame here's an easy one..
  9. Coeurl


    why do they have Emblems except the Flood? i've finished all scenarios in BBS and i can't seem to find an explanation :/
  10. Coeurl

    ven's heart

    just one question (or maybe a couple) why did Ven's heart took refuge in Sora's? was it explained exactly why it chose him? or was it just a coincidence in the first place and it would have as much chance as choosing Tidus' heart or Wakka's or even just a random person in Destiny Islands? do...
  11. Coeurl

    vanitas' sentiment

    can anyone tell me how to unlock the battle? do i have some things to complete, etc?
  12. Coeurl

    something big

    nah it's small. and it's my first to use a sprite. cnc?
  13. Coeurl

    you've finished BBS? k got a question

    here we go. why is it titled Birth by Sleep? can someone explain it. oh and please make it simple and clean :) thanks
  14. Coeurl

    i tried

    decided to take a break from tags so i made avatars instead. so what do you think?
  15. Coeurl

    i got this

    remember this? yeah, as always.
  16. Coeurl

    am i cool yet

    noticed a lot of people making things like these so i thought i'd make something too. cnc as always and a quick question by the way: can this be considered a LP?
  17. Coeurl

    ah crap.. help

    lemme go directly to the point. i cannot use the BB Codes and Smilies. i dunno why but i just can't. i hover and click above a BB code, but nothing happens. it's like the whole message box is an image. plus, when i click More under the smilies list, it doesn't show up a window of the rest of...
  18. Coeurl

    quick n00b question

    ok, uh what does WIP and LP mean? i think WIP means Work In Progress but i'm not sure. =D
  19. Coeurl

    Sence of Touch

    my entry last SOTW. CNC if you plees. Views: 10 Replies: 0 oh yeah
  20. Coeurl

    yes, another small question

    so, i've been watching these videos of the secret boss. and i'm kinda confused. are VS and LS connected or something? (heck, they have the same last name lol) is VS an unversed? if so, then that means LS is too right? then how about Vanitas? i thought he was the unversed? yeah, a little...