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    失礼 , 末長く (Goodbye Forever)

    Yes, the Lady of Shadow is leaving. No questions please. I wanted to properly say thank you very much to all the members who made my time on this forum the best I've ever had. I've made some many wonderful friends here. And I know a few of you only keep in contact with me here. I am truly...
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    *ARF ARF* The Neku99 FANCLUB!!! *ARF ARF*

    This is for mah little Puppy and loyal fan Neku99! An awesome set maker (he made my avatar), RPer (two RP's so far: Frame Work and Sky Angels) and writer (>CLICK THE PRETTY LINK!!<)!:36: I GIVE YOU NEKU99!!! Alpha Puppy: Neku99 Creator: LadyofShadow Pack Members: Candy Fair Lancelot...
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    LadyofShadow's Art Thread (*insert creative title later*)

    Well, I have enough art now and figured might as well show em to the rest of the world. This is just a hobby but I look for Constructive Critique on how to improve. Please enjoy. Mixed Media Warrior: Materials used- ProMarkers, Ink Pens and Pencils The Dark Lord: A character from my novel...
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    ~-~-~80's Michael Jackson Fanclub~-~-~

    In Honor of one of the Greatest 80's Singers. Sure he got weird when he became white but he had really good 80's music. Yeah some people will laugh at this but he was a really good singer in his early career. This Fanclub is dedicated to the recently deceased singer, Micheal Jackson whom died...
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    Sky Angels: Search for the War Stones

    ~Story~ 50 Years prior to Sky Angels, at the United Festival, twelve people meet; two from each of the six species: Earthling, Flyer, Spaceling, Waterling, Underling and Mystic. The second in command of the Dark Lord, Volos, pulled them together to inform them of four powerful crystals that...
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    Sky Angels: Search for the War Stones "Discussion Thread"

    Hey guys! Its finally here, the Sky Angels RP I was talking about. Have no clue what the heck I'm talking about, then have a read: Sky Angels But you don't really need to read the story to do the RP. Its all fun. ~Story~ 50 Years prior to Sky Angels, at the United Festival, twelve people...
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    This ain't no joke!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY RICOCHET!!! Listen to Axel...steal Roxas's cake and eat it...:lol: I hope you have a great B-Day! (No, I swear, this is not an April Fool's joke peoples. It is actually her birthday.)
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    ~Post a Random Video!~

    Quite surprised no one's done this before. So, you go on Youtube and find a random, relatively funny video! The youtube code is: [y o u t u b e] [/y o u t u b e] (Just take out the spaces) You have to copy the "embedded" code. Please keep the videos PG-13. No extreme sex scenes, no extreme...
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    Sky Angels- Please PM me your emails if you want to recieve the rest of the Chapters

    Well this is a new book I'm writing. I don't know if I'll try publishing this one as well. I will be publishing every chapter I finish this time though. I welcome critque (but no flaming please.) Chapter 1: The Firefly Visit “Look! Flyers!” A young girl gasped rushing to the large window...
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    Coded Idea: "We must Return to free them of their torment."

    Now while I don't really want to play Coded, I was thinking of who "their" was reffering too and I came to what if its the audience? Like a pantomine where the audience is a part of the play. We know that Coded is going back over Kingdom Hearts one and showing what went on behind the scenes...
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    Re:CoM and Reverse Rebirth Cutscenes

    Re:CoM and Reverse Rebirth Cutscenes Hey guys, for those who can't get the game or don't want to, I've found a Youtube channel which has all the Chain of Memories and Reverse Rebirth cutscenes in English. The quality is fairly good. >Click< DChiuch
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    Fanfiction ► Picnic- Riku/Xion

    Sigh, well I've caught the Riku/Xion bug now. I've had this story in mind for some time now. I hope its alright. I know I'm not as good as SA or Cissy so here goes nothing: Picnic Xion sat bored and tired on her bed after the return of her most gruelling mission yet. Her whole body ached and...
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    Aqua Cosplay

    If this is in the wrong place, please move it. Anyways, I am going to a Cosplay in London and I wanna cosplay as Aqua. Can someone give me good images of her outfit? I'm not going to worry about the Keyblade I just want the outfit ((the one with pink straps)).
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    Cinollex's Fanclub

    Fanclub-De-Cinollex Well the last one got purged so... WELCOME TO THE CINOLLEX FANCLUB! Where we celebrate the brilliance and talents of our very own Cinollex! I MasterofShadow, have created this Re:Fanclub in honor of this member. *Chirp, chirp* Aw come one that was a brillant speech...
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    Tales of Darkness

    This is my book I'm writing. I'm only posting the first chapter to see how people (other than my friends) will react. Critique welcome. Things to know: 1. Very long 2. Contains blood __________________________________________________ Chapter 1: Mizuki Takeda Dark clouds poured their tears...
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    Princess Kairi

    Okay so we all know from the first game, Kairi is a Princess so I was thinking...what if Kairi was Ansem the Wise's daughter? Despite Alice, all the other Princesses were actually princesses so maybe Kairi was the Princess of Radient Garden (ATW being king and all) and to protect her from...
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    Fanfiction ► Number XIV of Organization XIII

    I didn't see anything similiar to this so here we go. This is my first KH fanfiction but it seemed ok. _______________________________________________________________________ Chapter 1: Awakening of the XIV A dark female stood in the middle of a dark room; a single beam of light lit her fair...
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    Masters and Weilders

    Supposedly there is supposed to be only ONE weilder yet why in KHII and BBS there are more than one people weilding a keyblade? My theory is there is a difference between MASTERS and WEIDLERS. So while Sora and King Mickey (and possibly Terra or Xehanort) are masters, the rest are just weilders...
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    ENCOM in BBS

    Okay so I was just replaying KHII the other day just for the heck of it and I'm in Space Parnoids... Anyways, Tron mentions something about ENCOM being the created of the program which he was in. I wonder, do you think this company will come back or was it just a once in-a-game-thing. Or I...
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    Room of Awakening/Sleep, Souless and Xemnas

    Yes I know there hasn't been any information released that states the new enemy is a Souless but just hear me out: Souless: Souless are similar to Heartless but instead they steal souls. Now my idea is during the Keyblade War, a bunch of Souless were released causing many of the weilders to...