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    basically the evolution of UK Garage (particularly 2-step) into something completely different... dubbed out trippy electronic music with garage like rhythms. got popular through pirate radios in london and then everyone caught on (much thanks to DJ Mary Anne Hobbes of bbc radio 1). its been...
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    Stereotyping people on their fav indie-sounding band (FUN XMAS SHIT)

    Source: Flavorwire » Stereotyping People by Their Favorite Indie Bands The XX Blog enthusiasts who thought wearing a keffiyeha was awesome. Passion Pit Bros vaguely interested in listening to music and very interested in having sex with their girlfriend. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs Girls who bought...
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    Prince (aka... nvm)

    Prince - Baby Im A Star - 56??? he's such a beast.
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    favourite black girl names

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    chiptune lol

    i know how much you guys love the gaymen, so i think we should discuss some chiptune aka 8 bit music. listening to Anamanaguchi right now. its like im in a video game. im living the adventure.
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    i wish japan won ww2

    D9l_2MDdtKU iJYmLVkdoGA Z5SG8LlIqoY Jpfo28gPBUo o2Caiqd13u8 intentionally fucking cheesy 'smile' era promo photo that is unrelated to the two songs in the video. ZOxCwert9lA cibo matto - sugar water (video by michel gondry) • VideoSift: Online Video *Quality Control
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    and it's directed by David Bowie's son. Cool. I saw it a few hours ago and have to say it was perhaps the best film I've seen this year. The screenings are quite limited, so I dunno if anyone in the US on here got to see it. It'll be out in Australia and a few other countries later this year...
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    yuo're taest is shit

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    Black Sabbath

    everyone after Ozzy fucking sucks and if you disagree, you are a greasy metalhead. also Master of Reality is cool. discuss.
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    Neil Young

    The folk/country/rock/grunge/wtfsynthpop guy who curiously looks a lot like our very own Cameron (Daniel Faraday). Unlike a lot of artists, he likes to do new stuff and doesn't give a fuck; he invented grunge as well as playing what one might call 'dad rock' (some of it is) or folk/country WHOA...
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    yeah, just bought a dreamcast on ebay

    with 20 odd games, two controllers and two memory cards... £27. only three of the games are boxed and I only saw Chu Chu Rocket. The rest are unboxed. lazy fuck didn't list the games. so anyway, suggestions for games? thinking i'll get jet set radio, shenmue, toy commander, soulcalibur, sonic...
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    Brazilian music

    better than you think check out some Caetano Veloso, Os Mutantes, Gal Costa, Joao Gilberto and Stan Getz (ok so he isnt brazillian but he does brazillian music) badass. if you're lazy, i can hook you up with a compilation of shit.
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    Telltale Games - Tales of Monkey Island graphics are a bit iffy, but shit yeah
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    maudlin of the Well/Kayo Dot/Toby Driver

    Badass avant garde metal or something... has a lot of chamber music, jazz, even acoustic bits, as well as HUNGGG RIFFS AND SCREAMEN. I have Kayo Dot's first two albums, which are pretty fantastic and I'm downloading maudlin of the Well's new album which came out this month and in a very...
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    The Holy Mountain, Alejandro Jodorowsky (1973) Eraserhead, David Lynch (1977) Un Chien Andalou, Luis Brunel (1929) Stuff like that.
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    let's draw our favourite artists

    i don't know what the appropriate the section for this is... either here, traditional media or forum insanity... whatever. James Chance Yamantaka eYe use any medium you want. I used MSN.
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    They're from Japan and they make music that is hard to describe. Often they're either quite ambient, minimalist and instrumental, but some of their songs are sort of pop + 19th century paris or something complete with a flute, a saxophone, an accordion and an acoustic guitar. Kinda klezmary...
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    Lit ► The Beat Generation

    ... though beatniks and hippies are very different. So, anyway, I'm reading 'On The Road' by Jack Kerouac at the moment and I have a William S. Burroughs spoken word album, which is pretty cool. Anyone else into it?
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    An Evening with Sam: A Very KHI Interview [23/4]

    Today, we'll be learning a little bit about the man behind 'Sam'.... again. "¡Carajo, jiho de puta!" Are you ready, Samsonite? Interview time. If you were in a threesome with a man and a woman... and the man at one point attempted to do you up the butt. What would you do? I'd ask myself...
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    aka Hadaka no Rallizes (probably a translation of the french term 'valises dénudés' meaning 'Empty Vessels'... as in 'empty vessels make the most noise') this is probably the most amazing band you'll ever hear. like The Velvet Underground, Hawkwind and My Bloody Valentine having a fight in...