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  1. Lolita

    Second Chance / Once More / Damage Phyon

    Hihi, I just kinda wanted to ask the board since I'm sure some might be familiar with this, how do you get these three abilities? I've researched, but me and my friend are confused on whether we're supposed to make or use in the melding process the corresponding Type commands. We really need it...
  2. Lolita

    Hard drive & Mac Laptop

    Okay, so, I''m really sorry if I sound pretty stupid regarding this post. ^^; I'm experienced on working on computers, but very little on about computers in general and all that. So, my mom asked me a while ago if currently I have any plans for something I want for Christmas and my birthday...
  3. Lolita


    been in a big rut and tried colors and flow. ahahaha. looks like blueberries and raspberries exploded on it. ;u; comments critique and help are welcomed please~
  4. Lolita

    Eternal Hope

    Okay so uh. I've been in a rut lately, honestly. :C ANYWAYS. Recently i've been getting back into my Aerith love, and i've done a couple signatures of her before, but they're all months and months old. So I wanted to see what I could make while in this rut and see how i'd do. Poo. Yay all...
  5. Lolita

    Challenge to Ta-chan! (Voting)

    Lolita: Ta-chan: Best of luck! C:
  6. Lolita

    Challenge to Ta-chan!

    YEAH. Challenge to Ta-chan~ Rules: No premades Theme: Freestyle Requirements: None, everything is up to you~ Due in 7 Days, or face erasure~
  7. Lolita

    Lightning Strikes

    /lmao lame title ANYWAYS. I had the nice idea of making a Lightning signature. A simple one. /simple is not in my graphics dictionary at all D: Something simple in the end result. NOT SO SIMPLE. Comments/critique are welcomed. C:
  8. Lolita

    Reflection VS. AquaVenTerra101

    Vote for your favorite~. : D Reflection; AquaVenTerra101;
  9. Lolita

    Happy Birthday Lycanthrope, You Flaming Homosexual

    Lmfao lame title. ANYWAYS. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EDDIE. So everyone come here and congratulate Eddie for being 16. C: No seriously. Come and congratulate your favorite soul eating ginger.<3 Or else he'll eat your soul. D:
  10. Lolita

    [Graphics Room DISCO]

    Welcome to Graphics Room DISCO. : D Here, we will take our time in life to make graphics for you. : D Sets, signatures, avatars, icons, we'll make it. Shop workers are AquaVenTerra101 and FLUXY. We hope you enjoy your time around the shop, feel free to just pop in, and also request. :]
  11. Lolita

    Signature Help.

    Alright, so it's been a while since i've actually made something atleast decent. o___o; I'm failing lately. I posted this on another forum, and i've been told the only thing on the negative side is that Kashiyuka doesn't fit in the sig. o___o; I made two versions; White Outline- No White...
  12. Lolita

    New Set

    Alright, so I made a new set. I've had no inspiration when trying to make a new signature lately, and i'm failing at every try. o___o Comments and critique por favor, i'm trying to improve in graphics. Yes, I know the avatar's background is nothing like in the signatures, I meant for that. And...
  13. Lolita

    MP System

    Which MP System did you prefer? The one from KH1 that you have to hit the enemy to recover magic? Or the one from KH2 that you'd wait until the magic is reloaded?
  14. Lolita


    Hello, i'm new to the forums, I just joined today. Glad to be part of the forum, I have lurked the forums for a small while now, and I decided to make an account. I'm looking forward to my time on the forums. :]