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  1. robvandam111

    Happy 10 Year Anniversary to XIII

    It's been awhile I posted anything here. I've been off the map for a long time. Final Fantasy XIII made 10 years few days ago. It's incredible how the time passed by. Since the announcement back 2006 and it's controversial style upon its released. I often go around youtube and hear the ost...
  2. robvandam111

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Strategy Guide?

    Any word when will that be released or a special collector's edition just like KHII?
  3. robvandam111

    Kingdom Hearts shirts?

    Hi Guys, long time! Hope everyone is doing well. Many of you guys are missed. I come to you asking where will I be able to find Kingdom Hearts Shirts in great regular quality. I bought two recently one from Amazon. One that came out as expected. And one well...it came from China and the shirt...
  4. robvandam111

    Nomura wants to be shown how important is the KH3 Release Date!

    How important is it for everyone? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIwG0Hi4Loc
  5. robvandam111

    10 year Anniversary of Kingdom Hearts II

    Today marks the 10 year Birthday for Kingdom Hearts 2 released in North America. I'll never forget it, picked up the game with the Collector's Edition Guide book. And it was the beginning of Spring Break for me.
  6. robvandam111

    Help/Support ► Retiring my PSP's MP3 Player.

    I need recommendations, I'm trying to find an MP3 player that's not from Mobile Phones nor its an Apple Product. My PSP has been my best friend in that aspect but I'm trying to move on with something smaller and same quality. Whenever its on the "Unique" mode for sound; the music sounds great...
  7. robvandam111

    Merry Christmas to everyone at KHI.

    Many wishes to everyone. Have a blessful Christmas Eve. No matter whats going on with everyone lives. Stay strong and stay warm.
  8. robvandam111

    Your Favorite SmartPhone Apps

    I believe most of us should've a smart phone by now. Not everyone but daily there's certain apps you like using as tools to get to something or work on something. I mainly download apps for photography quality and soundboards for pranks. I'm currently using an app called "ShopKick" that allows...
  9. robvandam111

    Attraction Flow Mini Games?

    Just had a thought about this. Imagine if you were able to ride the rides in a mini-game type of fashion. Buzz Lightyear would be about target shooting. Big Thunder Mountain will be finding gold around a canyon. Doesn't have to be an epic scale although it'd seem like Sora and company actually...
  10. robvandam111

    September 7 2014

    That was the date I registered to this forum. I just noticed its been a year already and several days. This forum has been awesome from top to bottom. In a way, just chatting with you guys does feel magical; not sure why. Just feels that "togetherness" is really felt in this forum. I regret not...
  11. robvandam111

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Final Mix

    It could happen. It has happened. Or...are we finally getting the complete game to end this saga? If there was a Final Mix version which I presumably sure its going to happen. It'd could lead to another prequel or a tease of the future that is yet to come. What are your thoughts? And once...
  12. robvandam111

    Film ► Jungle Cruise "Behold! The 8th wonder of the world, behind the waterfall!"

    Dwayne Johnson Books a Trip Down Disney's Jungle Cruise! - ComingSoon.net One of my favorite and its always the first ride I get onto when I arrive at Disney's Magic Kingdom. And skippers are always entertaining.
  13. robvandam111

    Anything special happening this October?

    Maybe you guys probably noticed it too already making me late lol but I was looking through the rest of the calendar of this year. Remember seeing a calendar behind Eraqus and noticed it was October in the background since the dates are exact. Any thoughts?
  14. robvandam111

    Anime/Manga ► Monster Ranchers!

    Monsters Rules! If for wasn't for school mornings or after school release. There was one anime that keeps getting my attention. Never was I immersed with it but I was really intrigued watching it. Never got to finish watching it either. Any fans here? I'd love to get back watching the series...
  15. robvandam111

    Anime/Manga ► Yu-Gi-Oh!

    It's about to be 10 years that I have stopped watching the anime. Used to play the actual TCG back in the day as well. Lost my cards back in High School. Been playing the Millennium Duels to see how I'd do if I still played. Watched some excerpts from saga's I missed. I know there are 4 new...
  16. robvandam111

    Your Favorite Disney Videogame?

    It's been years I haven't played an actual Disney game. Back in the PS1 era; I had rented A Bug's Life for the N64. It was quite amusing. I was able to finally own it for the PS1. Using fruits to bring down insect enemies and finding the puzzle pieces for FLIK. There were a few boss battles here...
  17. robvandam111


    Most of us here are practically RPG fans or just gamers. Most of these games are really timing consuming. We have another of our lives whether if its school or work and maybe both. How do you guys find time for the things you love to do especially when it comes to gaming and adjusting to the...
  18. robvandam111

    Sports ► WWE/UFC and Other Wrestling Thread

    Any wrestling fans out there? I don't watch anything else besides WWE. We are on the road to WrestleMania which is next month I believe in California at the new 49ers Stadium. Glad to see Sting back in a major wrestling spot and hope he has fun with the company. And before anyone says Wrestling...
  19. robvandam111

    I have a $25 Google Play Gift Card.

    I'm not a huge fan of their store. I was looking forward for some Square Enix titles but would rather NOT play those titles on my mobile phone. I was wondering if someone would be interested; I'll send you the code via online first. And in return, send me back $25 via mail. And no, I'm not...
  20. robvandam111

    My first ever playthrough.

    I know this is my first play through. I just want to know though the conditions it takes to unlock every thing. I wasn't aware of the Birth By Sleep ending conditions from the Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix, was wondering if there's anything similar? I've heard there's a Secret Episode and a Final...