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  1. Paige712

    World count comparison for kh1,2 and 3.

    I did a world count comparison for anyone interested. Note I didn't include Atlantica for kh2 since I really don't think it should count and I also didn't count Realm of darkness from KH3 until we know if it's fully playable or not. Edit: Added Atlantica, Mysterious Tower and possible other...
  2. Paige712

    Do you think parts of Destiny Island will be playable?

    With Riku being playable it's likely that the ROD is either a single/multi stage world or an actual complete world and since Destiny Island is connected to the ROD via the grove door I'm hoping part of the Island will be a playable stage since we know both Sora and Riku have cutscene segments...
  3. Paige712

    KH3 Leaks World list spoilers. Discussion thread. Add reveals of new worlds here.

    Hi guys I thought I'd make a seperate leak topic for people only interested in world confirmations in regards to the current leaks so as not to risk spoiling story elements. So far we have the following new worlds possibly confirmed Any info on new world confirmations leak wise just post here...
  4. Paige712

    Instead of specific data bosses what about a data library?

    Hi guys I was just thinking about the possibility of data bosses like in Kh2fm Org13 and the mirage arena in BBS and what if instead of getting a specific set of data bosses what if we got an entire library with various data bosses across all recorded kh history? Say the library is located in...
  5. Paige712

    What would you like to see for a coliseum?

    Hi guys I've been curious how Kh3's version of the coliseum will work (Granted it isn't confirmed but it's 99.9% likely i will be in). Personaly I'd like a mix of Kh1 coliseum and BBs mirage arena as I feel they were the best arenas in the series. My idea is as follows (Standard cups) 1st cup...
  6. Paige712

    Do you think the Athletic flow wall shine will be togglable?

    Hi everyone ever since the demo showing in May one thing that really bugged me was the wall running indicator change to a constant gloss line instead of the previous sparkle effect. It really takes away from the beauty of the environments and are very distracting. Do you think it will be...