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    Darkslayers Returning

    Hello guys...I'm back for a while now...I hope you remember me, lol. :lol: I'm sure I'll be posting many again and all.. And what have I missed? If you guys Like to tell me such, as site news, KH news
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    Doom 3

    What you think of Doom 3? For me I loved the game, It is really fun. But I'm gonna be honest, It did make me jump a couple of times.
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    The Rating

    Okay, I was looking at the Back of the Cover and the rating said Use Of Alcohol. Did it have in Alcohol? i didnt see anything, so thats why i'm asking you guys. EDIT: SORRY I put this in the wrong section. Move It to Kingdom Hearts 2 Sections Please. Thanks. Sorry guys. ):
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    The Ending Look Real?

    Do you guys think the Ending Of Kingdom hearts looked Realistic? Me it kinda did, But it was very great graphics.
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    Who is an All Nighter?

    Who is a All Nighter? Meaning you stay up all night and possible sleep in morning times. That would be me. well sometimes!:lol:
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    Am I right?

    Okay I'm play though KH2 again and I have one question? Okay, I'm at the part where Axel trys to get Roxas to remember him... At the hall where the usally spot is. So, Axel doesn't know that is the wrong Roxas he is talking too? Sorry If I should know this.
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    Starting Over On Kh2

    Who starts over where you can play it again and understand it more? Because, I'm gonna play it over again and wanted to know if other people do it.
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    If you had to surive on food...

    What would it be? Meh, I would say Pizza.:thumbup:
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    Rumor: New bound title for the PS3?

    The latest 1UP podcast features information about a possible new exclusive title for the PlayStation 3. Towards the end of the podcast, Shane states that he has been speaking to representatives from Square Enix, who have told him that "Final Fantasy XIII on 360 announcement swung the ball...
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    David Cook -- The Winner From American Idol

    What you say about him? I say he will do good in the future, and what a great singer.
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    Favorite Kind Of Dogs?

    Mine would be, huskies, because they are very good pets and there smart. Whats yours?
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    Square Enix airing Xbox 360 game commercials on July 15.

    Square Enix has announced in Infinite Undiscovery's community blog that a TV advertisement of Infinite Undiscovery, The Last Remnant and Star Ocean: The Last Hope will be airing on July 15, 2008 in Japan. Source: icecream at NeoGAF. I know this is very little info, but it is something...
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    Don't know what to say?

    New to the forums?, don't know what to do first?, is easy, just make a thread on this section "Community Board" and tell us little about you. Here, I'll even post you some questions to answer for us.:thumbsup: What is your name? (Do not have to tell us) Do you have any hobbies? What do you do...
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    Help/Support ► Having trouble sleeping at night.

    I am having a very hard time to get to sleep at nights. Ether is a very werid dream or I can't just plain out sleep at all into morning times. Help would be good. And thanks whoever helps me.
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    Resident Evil 5 Update

    Well on the weeks Famitsu I've got some details on that charcater and way more. Right to the magazine, the character's name is Sheva Alomar. Born in Africa, the setting of this latest RE title, Sheva is an agent in the West African branch of the B.S.A.A.. Now the storyline is something that...
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    Square Enix reveals The E3 Line-Up!

    Finally E3 has revealed there big E3 Line-Up. Check it out here! - Multi Platform · The Last Remnant (Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3) - Xbox 360 · Star Ocean: The Last Hope · Infinite Undiscovery - Nintendo DS · Chrono Trigger · Dragon Quest: Chapters of the Chosen · Final Fantasy IV - Sony PSP...
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    DG & Monkeybutt Fight... Discussin thread

    In here discuss the fight that happen. 7/8/08. Discuss it all here.
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    Fanfiction ► The Dark Shadows

    The Dark Shadows Chapter 1: Where It began Ryo woke up with a very long yawn. He looked at the clock, "No, I am going to be late for school!" Ryo said with a soft angry voice. Ryo raised up and got out of it his bad. It was almost summer time and school would be out today. Ryo knew he had...
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    E3 2008

    Who is ready for E3 08? I am really happy. I hope they show some good vids and good games.
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    Need some friends

    Hey, I need some very sweet friends on here. So if you want to be friends just PM me please. I am very nice, I just want some people to talk to. Thanks!