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    Johnny Yong Bosch as Zexion?

    well he wasnt a power ranger...he just did a lot of voice acting for it.
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    Everything We Know About Birth By Sleep So Far

    If this game is as good as crisis core for the PSP then i think i'm gonna be very happy.
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    Kingdom Hearts Re: Chains of Memories discussion

    Re: The official Re:CoM in North America thread. wow its been a while since ive been on here, owning an american ps2 i am very pleased about this anouncement. Wonder if theyll be any new features not seen in japans release...
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    Official Smashing Pumpkins Thread

    hey guys, the smashing pumpkins recently reformed, well just billy corgan and jimmmy chamberlain anyway and are releasing a new album (7th July) Zeitgeist. Anyone else into the pumpkins? use this thread to discuss favourite songs, recent news or anythin to do with them.....:thumbsup:
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    Xemnas armor in end of KH2

    if u see in one of the added scenes to final mix, when xemnas is talkin to what looks like a pile of armor....this armor looks quite similar to that he wore in the final battle....i think it was the female knights armor he was talkin to.
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    Billy Zane

    yeah everyone knows he was much better as "ansem", but i don't think its was squares intention to replace him....several other reasons coulda contributed...scheduling conflicts, money.....he might not have wanted to do it again, if square could get him again i'm sure theyd jump at the chance.
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    Help/Support ► a friendship worth ending?

    the thing is she's not givin him a chance to talk to her, so if she's not givin him the time then what can he do, its unfair for him to keep tryin when she just doesnt seem bothered at all.
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    wheres the last treasure in radiant garden?

    i just looked on gamefaqs and the last treasure is a cosmic chain found in the heartless manufactory....u can get there by headin to the place where u got to tron's world.
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    wheres the last treasure in radiant garden?

    it might be fenrir, have u fought and defeated sephiroth yet?
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    Limit Form Info

    dodge roll is probably the most useful ability that wasn't in kh2 but is included in the limit form ability..um....things
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    i cant get final form!!!

    i think its only supposed to occur in the world that never was.....although i could have dreamed that...
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    Help/Support ► a friendship worth ending?

    every now and again, u have to make decisions that u don't wanna make....u could always...just not tell her ur not her friend, just stop talkin to her....see what that does.....if she's really bothered then she'll ask u about it.....but at the end of the day, if your friends are your friends...
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    Help/Support ► a friendship worth ending?

    if i was in your sitiuation, i would probably just have to end it....by the way she's acting it seems that she's already taken the step to end the friendship anyway...you say uve tried to salvage the friendship and nothing....you could try giving her an ultimatum...i doubt that would work but i...
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    One thing i need clearing up.

    OK so erm, yeah one thing in the game that got me wondering is right at the start of the game just after roxas' story....when u get control of sora in twilight town. Its when Hayner asked sora if he had met him....now i know its a reference to roxas...BUT i thought that only the hayner from the...
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    Xemnas the king of the knights

    i'm pretty sure it was....it just seems a little weird...cus it only seems to be the armor and no person.
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    Xemnas the king of the knights

    in the new scene where he's talkin to (what looks like) a pile of armor.....that armor looks a lot like the armor he wore in that battle...maybe he just based his own armor on the armor of that of the knights.
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    look what i found!!

    i swear i saw fenrir in that video at least 4 times....but good spot on the sleepin lion
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    Help/Support ► I have a problem D:

    another thing to consider is probably the fact most of these callin u "gay" are clearly jealous that ur hangin around with girls...and they're not, believe me i know....just stick to your friends man...don't listen to what other people have to say.
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    Shadowy figure in KH2 not the same as KH2FM

    yeah thats the simplest answer, i dunno why he would just to confuse that way by sayin two "different timelines" because he wouldnt...they're the same guy i assume.
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    Anyone Remember?

    i still havent seen any vids of any of the new scenes in english dub yet...