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    I need help on Sephiroth. BAD.

    you need help that bad i dont know how i beat him i just did and i just wanted the fenir
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    What is with the letter at the end?

    im pretty sure its going to be a new threat that links to kh3 and im pretty sure the next game wont be called Kingdom Hearts 3
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    Sora is Evil!!!

    I agree with sephiroth they just wanted to see the king,riku,and kaiari P.S how do u start forum please let me know
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    Whos is who

    k 358|2 days not so hard Axel could be Rikus no body
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    Wat did u think of the battle against Sephiroth?

    well i cant agree with u tat it was easy but it had a sucky ending
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    What do you guys think about the 1000 heartless battle

    it was great :thumbsup:but i kinda got bored:thumbdown: