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  1. K

    Ansem the Wise - Kairi's father?

    This Theory makes no sense whatsoever. Alice isn't a princess by herredity, thus proving you don't need to be a REAL princess to be a PoH. If Ansem the Wise was her father, hed be like "KAIRI! I'VE FINALLY FUOND YOU!" Ansem SoD sent her to Destiny Islands to live with the keyblade wielder, Riku...
  2. K

    They better have a journal

    No, Ansem was around back then. In KH you just found lost Ansem reports.Besides, they might not even include reports, because if you look at them all, it seems asif they hint back to BbS.
  3. K

    They better have a journal

    What wouldbe cool is if after you finish someones story, it saves the journal (that they wrote themselves) so you could read each one and piece together the story. If you agree, quote me, and say that you agree (duh).
  4. K

    Rage Awakened

    I deffenitaly want it to apear! The music ROCKS!!! *wildly shakes fist in air*
  5. K

    Riku's blindfold

    He uses like psychic powers. He just rocks. He's all like "Heartless, you can't touch me!" *notice he's the only one without a nobody*