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    Favourite Boss?

    i like all of them. the Org XIII memebrs are great because they are difficult.but i really like the disney villains too.i REALLY like the heartless bosses you have to fight.EXAMPLE:heartless dragon you fight during second trip to Land of Dragons
  2. K

    What is AP?

    AP- Abiity Points the more you ahve, the more abilities your can equip.hence the first part:AbilityPoints.
  3. K

    Stuck in Space Paranoid

    have you gotten to the flying hangar that takes you to some place else? its like platform that floats on light beams to travel. a whole ton of heartless show up on it and you have to kill all of them in a quick time or else the hamgar will crash. is that where you are? if not, give us more info.
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    Larxene's anntena

  5. K

    Larxene's anntena

    hair. no antennas. her element is lightning, so that's why her hair style has those antenna-looking things.
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    Jiminy's Journal

    thanks too! ................ ...... ...... ..... .... ... .. ..25 limit
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    Jiminy's Journal

    Cool,thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(25 word limit)
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    Jiminy's Journal

    Ok, I'm almost done except i cant get the objectives for the Underworld Cups. (the ones you speak to Pain about,NOT the ones you speak to Hades about) Like,it says to get (I think) 5,000 or more in the Goddes of Fate Cup,but all I can ever get is around 900. And when I go to the Synthesis Notes...
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    Stupid Question

    nah its cool,i didn't understand a lot of things 'til i played the games again.usually your just trying to see if you can beat the game at first.the second time you actually enjoy the plot of the games.
  10. K

    Thoughts on Terra/Xehanort

    i think Terra is NOT xehanort.The old guy definatly has a connection to ansem,and therfore Xehanort.I think Terra must have had his own confrontation with the old dude in his past.You can tell when he gets CRAZY mad at the end of the video.
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    Shouldn't kingdom hearts 2 be 3

    i agree w/ HadesDragon.it even say somewhere on the box of Chain of Memories. (Prequel to Kingdom Hearts II,or something like that...
  12. K

    Disney Castle in Kh1

    i think its just to show how donald and goofy got caught up in the mix.i haven't played KHI+FM,but thats my theory.
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    Importing KH+FM

    ok thanx everyone!!also,thnax for the links,they helped a lot!!!
  14. K

    Importing KH+FM

    KH 2,i don't know much about the game,so im just trying to make sure ill be able to understand the game some how instead of trying to understand the new scenes
  15. K

    Importing KH+FM

    how?is it hard to hear what they say? And if i import it from jap.will it actually hav eng. voices?
  16. K

    Importing KH+FM

    ok i hav a slim PS2.do i need a different system to play it?and how do i import it(i just need a link to a thread that has all the info)does the game hav english voice acting and jap.subs,or is it all in japanese(subtitles and voice acting)
  17. K

    Someone's theory

    i went on youtube and there was this guy who made a video about what he thinks might be the secret video's meaning.i don't believe it fully,but here it is:terra is sora's dad and aqua is his mom.ven IS roxas,only when he first woke up.that's why he thinks there's such a bond between all three of...
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    Secret Ending

    I'm trying to get the secret ending.im working on completing jiminy's journal,and after i level up a few times i gonna try to beat sepriroth.am i missing any thing?im also going to try to make the ultima weapon.i think i can accomplish that,but does any body have any suggestions?
  19. K

    Khfm+ import

    but if u import it,its in japanese,and u need a japanese consol 2 play it
  20. K

    What level?

    no idea,i know i passed level 60