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    Xigbar's VERY INTERESTING words

    Hi ppl I just finished my 3rd playthrough on KH2 and I noticed something that Xigbar said which was very interesting and to which I had never given any thought before. Before you fight him in The World That Never Was he says: So wt do you think this means? D u think the Organization might have...
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    Extra Ansem Reports(Not secret ansem reports)

    In Kingdom Hearts Final Mix three more ansem reports were added to the previous 10. I actually stumbled upon them a long time ago when I finished KH2. Pls don't start flaming with "this is not the right place for this" posts because this is the right place. In these extra reports...
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    Avatar Problem

    Hi everyone. I tried uploading an avatar and it is not shown. It just shows a blank image(not white blank, blank as the color of the forum's background color). I have checked it's size it's 99x74 and 4kbs. I also tried uploading it into another page and redirecting it here but it still shows a...
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    Hi pplz

    Hey everyone. I'm really excited to be in such a forum. I can't believe I hadn't discovered this place sooner. I have had many loooong debates about KH in other forums and here I am in a place where the most veteran thinkers on KH can be! :thumbsup: Well nice to meet you all :D