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    What's with all the KH2 hate?

    I think the story in KH2 was great and deep (enough to create two more prequel games). The only real problem I noticed was the combat. It felt dumbed down and only required mashing the X button and sometimes moving to dodge, if you felt like it. The reaction commands were a great idea and look...
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    Favorite Kingdom Hearts tune?

    There is always certain music in games that get you in the mood, be it getting ready for a battle, or an emotional moment. For me, I really like "The 13th Struggle" in KH2, which is played when you fight Axel as Roxas in fake twilight town. This is mainly because I liked CoM alot, and it reminds...
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    Did anyone else hate the Pride Lands?

    I think it was great they put in the lion king world, and sora being a lion was cool as well. However, they could of done it alot better, the areas and enviorments were very plain and boring compared to the other worlds. It just feels really incomplete to me. Maybe we will get to see the young...
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    The Little Mermaid Musical

    Ugh, this had to be the worst world in the game, sure it was a intresting change, but it was too easy. I understand how Koji feels about the original Atlantica though...the fighting underwater was annoying and not as much fun. Why bring this word back though? Didnt they already beat ursala when...
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    Whos is who

    Well the fact that Nomura himself stated that Riku has no nobody clears this up. I hope we eventually do get to find out who Axel's real self was, and the other organization members (besides the one we know of course). If Riku ever had a nobody, I wonder what the name would be and what he would...
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    Confused about Roxas and Namine (Dont read if you have not beat KH2 or 1

    Roxas and Namine are pretty just another form of Sora and Kairi. So since Sora and Kairi arent related, neither are they.
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    Who was the other person who came back from beinga heartless?

    Xehanort came back from being a heartless? I thought that's who you fought in the original KH.
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    Kiri's Heart Loophole

    hmm. I thought a heartless is only born once your heart is lost to darkness, which I dont think happend to Kairi. In fact, im not sure how she lost her heart, it just kinda happend :confused:
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    What is with the letter at the end?

    It could be about coded.....but another thing I was thinking of is how malificent and pete stayed behind in the organization's castle to take care of the heartless. Perhaps they found something there like the keyblade in Xemnas' room (the old friend). Then maybe that would start something.....I...