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    Full opening leaked on YouTube

    Christ! does anyone have a link? I want to listen to the full version of the song. people are saying its out there and i cant find it!!!! The one on youtube has already been taken down. PM plz!
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    PS4 Pro & Desktop monitor users! What monitor will you guys be using for KH3 60fps experience?

    (Moderators if this thread doesn't belong here, soz and plz delete) What monitors will you guys be using to play kh3? Now that i have a ps4 pro, i finally have an excuse to upgrade my monitor! Since the pro supports 4k tvs, im not sure if i should splash on a 4k or a 27inch monitor. (ive...
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    Sora's soulless facial expression, anyone else worried?

    So far, within the snipits of Sora that we have seen within the trailers, Sora's facial expression always seems to be neutral, slightly happy or slightly upset. Even in combat! His mostly just stock still when talking to others. Mouth opening and closing and nothing else. No movement in his...