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    I forgot

    How to start a thread
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    Oh hey, it's Persona 5 (Or a remake or MAYBE a spin-off?)

    Destructoid - Persona 5 confirmed! Just found this. If it's old news, then you mods know what to do.
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    Can I change my layout or am I stuck with this one?
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    The Wicked FC!!

    This is (obviously) the Wicked Fanclub. So join. He's chill and has all that shiz. (I'll decorate this shit later) Members: Azia Roxas001 UsagiOkami
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    Work Stories

    Tell your best/worst work stories. whether it's about a dick boss or shitty customer or something funny. I remember I was working at a retail store, and me and this other guy were stocking lunch meat by the wine. Basically, some lady walked her shopping cart into a wine display and broke 40...
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    . . .

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    Today my dad gave me a watch. The story: My dad got his degree (college) in 1996. After that he went and visited his grandma and she gave him a watch (expensive watch). I was six then. As I grew up I always wanted his watch. In 2008 his grandma (97 years old) Passed on. So obviously that watch...
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    I remember, living in a world. A world where I could walk, with grass under my feet. I remember a world where I could say "Hi" but never expect a hello. I remember a world where everyone was content and happy with life. But now, I live in a world; where cold stone touches my feet. I live in a...
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    Since this is the trend, i'll follow along. ^^ Today,..well yesterday was my one year anniversary......yay. So basically this is my one year and one day anniversary.
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    We should talk about something. Seriously.
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    The Church

    I consider myself a religious person. Yet I find myself questioning certain aspects of my faith. I wholeheartedly accept the existence of god, and believe Jesus once walked this earth. But that's not my concern. My concern is the church. Catholic, christian, etc. I'm beginning to think the...
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    Harmony of Chaos (RP) FC

    This FC is dedicated to those engaging in chaos To those who wish to participate in the Harmony of Chaos, look to the link below. http://forums.khinsider.com/roleplaying/131633-harmony-chaos-sign-ins.html Members: Way to Twilight (Creator of RP) Yamoto-TSOV Leon-TSOV Nero (VP of RP)...
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    The Kick Ass Chi-Chan FC!!!!!

    This is the fanclub for Chi-Chan!! She's awesome and funny. So join. Or She'll get angry. Members: Nero (Founder) Roxas001 (First Founder) aqualight Diamond_Dust121 Infiniti Macabre Lancelot
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    The Macabre Fanclub!!

    This is the fanclub for Macabre. Let's face it, out of alot of members he deserves one. He knows his stuff and is an all around cool guy. So join. He's awesome. He also knows his games. Members: Firo (Founder) Lancelot Chi-Chan Lycanthrope Ringleader Leonard Infinity Palmer Crimson Mari...
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    lol yeah

    High gravity lager=Holy shit yeah?
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    The "I'm drunk" Thread

    Rules is simple. If you've drunk post saying you've drunk. Then someone else who's drunk will post, and we'll read your conversation. Do it. Its fun, Now grow drink and make your mothers depresssed,
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    >=) The Fucking Palmer FC (=<

    This is Palmer's FC. Dedicated to PALMER!! Members: Nero aqualight Ringleader Man RADIance ~~Lyric Angel~~ Demyx_Forever khlover7 aquaxion:] Strawberry Diamond_Dust121 JOIN!! HE'S FUCKING AWESOME!
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    ^_^ The Great Aqualight FC ^_^

    This is the fanclub for Aqualight! The Queen of random things and lover of Tidus. Aqualight!! Members: Nero Darkness of White Lancelot Puddle Jumper Strawberry Apollo MangaCrazy101 LorieX UsagiOkami Neku99...