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  1. tdc456

    Anyone else think Sora pales in comparison to TAV?

    Look guys, you are trying to have an intelligent and well thought out discussion over a VIDEO GAME. So let's just do this the easy way. Aqua = Master Sora =/= Master therefore... Aqua>Sora Seriously. For now anyway. And by comparison and transitive property, Ven and Terra are both better than...
  2. tdc456

    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Countdown [we need YOU!]

    It might be kind of last minute, but I think I'm gonna do some quick fanart. I already submitted my answer days ago, but now I'm a little inspired.
  3. tdc456

    BbS Site Update

    Well it wasnt up on the main page for the site so I thought I would just share for those who don't check.
  4. tdc456

    BbS Site Update

    It seems they also edited the media section so now the Gamescom trailer is actually labeled as the launch trailer. The only things missing from the site now are: Info on Keyblade Graveyard on the World Map Last wallpaper in Media section Three new PSP themes in the Media section and the TV spot...
  5. tdc456

    BbS Site Update

    The North American BbS website has updated again. With three new wallpapers in the media section and info on Mysterious Tower and Mirage Arena on the world map. Here is the link to the site. KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep | SQUARE ENIX
  6. tdc456

    Yu-Gi-Oh TCG Anyone?

    I bet there are a million threads on here about this and I'm probably posting this in the wrong place, but, does anyone in the forum have a Yu-Gi-Oh deck or ever used to play? A close friend recently got me back into it and helped me create an extremely powerful Water deck. P.S. I am so...
  7. tdc456

    English BbS Trailer + Game Play Videos

    People were just talking about this a day or so ago. I honestly believe that we are too used to the Jap voices. I for one am happy with all the voices thanks to the gameplay videos that went up a couple days ago. Unfortunately, the only voice that I'm still confused about is Terra's simply...
  8. tdc456

    English BbS Trailer + Game Play Videos

    At first, I too was doubting the voices, but only a little. After seeing the voices from the other cutscenes in the gameplay videos from E3, I am much more relaxed because they sound great. To be honest, the only explanation that could validate anyone not liking the voices is simply because we...
  9. tdc456

    BbS E3 2010 Demo

    I took a look to find if there was a thread on it already and didn't find one so here goes nothing. I went on YouTube and came across this video of the E3 english BbS playable demo. It's not perfect, but at least it's something until Gamespot and IGN get something up for it...
  10. tdc456

    Having a Posting Problem

    So I discovered an issue I was having when I tried to post a new chapter for a story I have been writing on this site for well over a year. As soon as I hit the Sybmit button, it takes me to an "error 404" page. Literally every time. Even if I try to edit an existing post. Whats up with that?
  11. tdc456

    Very Demotivational

    I am hoping to start this thread where people can post demotivators that they have made or found that are especially hilarious. For those who don't know, a demotivator is a funny picture that is most likely negative or just hilarious and meant to mock actual motivational posters. I've got quite...
  12. tdc456

    Whose scenario are you most excited to play?

    Oh, I'm sorry. This is all a misunderstanding. Although I do prefer Nomura's order simply because I could play as my favorite character first. In that case, you might be intrigued to know that Terra is actually my KH counterpart. Haha. Jk. But I like to think so.
  13. tdc456

    Whose scenario are you most excited to play?

    OK. Apparently everyone misunderstood what I said. I know that each story plays differently, I never said that they were the same. I know that all three stories have different bosses, but that doesn't mean you see a different ending each time. I know the secret movie is a "sum-up" sort of thing...
  14. tdc456

    Whose scenario are you most excited to play?

    facepalm Helloooooooooooo? The stories all converge at different points. No matter what order you play in, you are going to learn the same stuff. And they all end in the same place anyway so you can't play as anyone unless you're going to reveal the ending. So what I'm trying to say is: If...
  15. tdc456

    Whose scenario are you most excited to play?

    I guess I'll follow Nomura's suggested playing order if it's going to make the most sense in the end. But I'm honestly most interested in Terra's story simply because of his relationships with all of the villains and his ties to darkness. It intrigues me to think of what his fate will be. I'm...
  16. tdc456

    Downloading BBS - Could I...

    You might be interested in knowing that it has yet to be announced whether the game will be offered on the PSN or not. At this point it looks like it won't be available for download at all.
  17. tdc456

    Full 7 pages from this week's Famitsu (translated)

    Re: Full 7 pages from this week's Famitsu Oh man. These scans look amazing. Zack had me excited already and now Young Hercules is smilin pretty as well. This game is going to be so full of content that I don't think it's all going to fit on one UMD. The opening looks beautiful so far. I can't...
  18. tdc456

    How Come No One Has Said Anything About This Screenshot?

    MX is traveling around with a boy less than half his age who is wearing a hula skirt. You don't need x-ray vision to see what's going on there. Haha
  19. tdc456

    How Come No One Has Said Anything About This Screenshot?

    I think that Vanitas just likes to show off his over confident coolness in his all black helmet and crazy evil hula skirt... Ok. Suddenly he and MX seem a lot less manly.
  20. tdc456

    Quiet Minds

    Quiet Minds Before Thought Solipsism- the theory that only the self exists, or can be proved to exist Streets once filled with noise, sat alone and empty. They relished their newfound peace as a welcome break from such trivial pursuits of the humans that tread upon them. Entire cities sat...