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    Original ► Clash of Two Gods - Challenge to Bonechill

    Just a warm-up challenge. Hopefully I'll get back into the mood for Roleplaying and be able to contribute around the section again. So, to being. Details. Intensely powerful characters are encouraged; for example, a level 9 or above on Lord of Chaos' power scale. These powers may be bound to...
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    I need to know...

    How many of you have read The Power of Five series by Anthony Horowitz (Raven's Gate, Evil Star, Night Rise, Necropolis and Oblivion)? This is so I can decide to make a Original or Cannon based version. Thanks!!!
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    Happy Birthday, Bonechill!!!

    Today, yes, on Halloween, is my greatest friend on this site's birthday; Bonechill !!! If it weren't for Bone, I probably wouldn't have of gotten into Roleplaying, something I can say I would sorely miss. He's made, probably, the longest-lasting Roleplay of 2011/2012, with The Heartless...
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    Yu-Gi-Oh: The Pharaoh's Throne

    Yu-Gi-Oh: The Pharaoh's Throne - A LightChill production Ancient Egypt; Had only the Pharaohs survived. Once upon a time, there was only a single nation, Egypt, that was, to say, a cut above the rest. It survived thousands of years, built monuments of great size and durability. But...
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    A Battle of Brothers

    This is a battle between me and Bonechill. Medium-powered battle No real prefixes. Really just to waste time. Arena: Atop a volcano, around its rim. Temps shall follow Normal rules apply.
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    Pokémon: The World in Nightmare

    The world is cast in shadows. The plants do not grow. There are no stars in the sky. The darker sides of Pokémon have been unleashed. Very few can stand against the mighty force that is twisting and warping their thoughts. People live in fear. They fear what will happen next, they fear sleep...
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    Broken Keys

    Ok, I keep forgetting to ask this, but here it is. So in re:Coded, when Maleficent breaks Data Sora's key, he has to get another one. But in BBS, when Ventus falls down the cliff, his Keyblade smashes. So, what does this mean? If the Keyblade is related to the Heart I can't imagine that would've...
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    Team Battle; Friends Unite

    (Clears throat) Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, welcome, to the battle that will not change the future of KHInsider Forums battling. I'm your host, LightandDark, Light for short. I'm sligtly happy to introduce our first battler, DarkHeart101. Give him a round of applause... ah, come on guys I...
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    Simply Wishing to Know

    How many Roleplayers have heard of the author Raymond E. Feist?
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    The Keyblade War: The Curse of Two Kings

    The Keyblade War: The Curse ofthe Two Kings I see here that you’ve stepped into the depths of the War Zone. What? You don’t know what the War Zone is? Where you born yesterday? Obviously not cause even then you’d know what the War Zone is. Let me explain... *** *** *** *** *** It was all too...
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    Throwing out an idea

    So I'm just going to throw out an idea, into the open blue for anyone to pick up and use. But hey, here goes. How do people think of a Percy Jackson Roleplay? Yes this is very remarably short, but you know, if I get much positive feedback I, or anyone, could definetley make an Rp out of it...
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    A Battle to the Fullest

    Challenge to: Bonechill I've been outta the forums for a while as you wouldda noticed. I've been working on my writing skills and I think that I have grown much better since I've left. I'm happy to announce that I'm ready to test out my skills. It's a fight that I want, and hopefully it's a...
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    Rematch to you Lunarmaster54

    So the last one didn't go down well. No, no, no it didn't. So now I propose forward a match in which our minds shall run free from the bounds of a school. A freestyle match. No awkwardness in our environment... this will be a battle of such magnitude that we rock the very bounds of each others...
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    Challenge to Lunarmaster54

    Okay then so here we are wondering how this is going to play out. I've seen battles with you, am currently rping with you, and am having a 3 way battle with you. So I would like to feel firsthand how you battle. What makes you tick? Creativity? These are some of the questions I'd like to answer...
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    Say this. Nobody knows what Namine is. I think that maybe, just maybe, that she is a Lingering Sentiment. I know how impossible this may seem but... I guess that could explain why she is and was so... different.
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    The Chronicles of Tarivitur

    The Chronicles of Tarivitur: The Great War Two Brothers Meet, Two Armies Collide, Two Leaders War, Light and Dark, Engaged within battle, Who will win, This epic war? The people of the land of Tarivitur were a quite and peaceful folk. Fair and wealthy, ruled by a singular smart leader. These...
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    Site Problems

    Is anyone else having trouble loading up friends? Mine never loads. Is there anything I can do???
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    2 vs 2 battle

    Rules- You all know them, the standard ones. Arena- Open for suggestions Special Conditions: This is a 2 vs 2 battle so we there are teams. You cannot attack your own team. Characters: Doesn't bother me.Anything is fine here. My Temp Name: Frelance (Nicknamed Free) Gender: Male Age...
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    I think I may have found a flaw in it. How do Pete and Maleficent get into Disney Castle if the Cornerstone prevents them? Answers please!
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    Eragon: Riders United

    Everyone welcome to this very new Eragon rp. I hope that you will all enjoy it! It has been a hundred years since Eragon drove his sword through Galbitorix’s black heart. Alagesia is in war. Without Eragon and Saphira, the world has fell into turmoil at the aspect of this new, strange enemy...