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  1. tdc456

    BbS Site Update

    The North American BbS website has updated again. With three new wallpapers in the media section and info on Mysterious Tower and Mirage Arena on the world map. Here is the link to the site. KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep | SQUARE ENIX
  2. tdc456

    Yu-Gi-Oh TCG Anyone?

    I bet there are a million threads on here about this and I'm probably posting this in the wrong place, but, does anyone in the forum have a Yu-Gi-Oh deck or ever used to play? A close friend recently got me back into it and helped me create an extremely powerful Water deck. P.S. I am so...
  3. tdc456

    BbS E3 2010 Demo

    I took a look to find if there was a thread on it already and didn't find one so here goes nothing. I went on YouTube and came across this video of the E3 english BbS playable demo. It's not perfect, but at least it's something until Gamespot and IGN get something up for it...
  4. tdc456

    Having a Posting Problem

    So I discovered an issue I was having when I tried to post a new chapter for a story I have been writing on this site for well over a year. As soon as I hit the Sybmit button, it takes me to an "error 404" page. Literally every time. Even if I try to edit an existing post. Whats up with that?
  5. tdc456

    Very Demotivational

    I am hoping to start this thread where people can post demotivators that they have made or found that are especially hilarious. For those who don't know, a demotivator is a funny picture that is most likely negative or just hilarious and meant to mock actual motivational posters. I've got quite...
  6. tdc456

    Quiet Minds

    Quiet Minds Before Thought Solipsism- the theory that only the self exists, or can be proved to exist Streets once filled with noise, sat alone and empty. They relished their newfound peace as a welcome break from such trivial pursuits of the humans that tread upon them. Entire cities sat...
  7. tdc456

    Random Discovery

    I found a person on YouTube recently who goes by the DJ name, Moreaway. He creates and posts his own techno and electronic music. He has also done a slew of KH techno remixes. You really have to check this guy out. Here is a link to his channel so you can check out all of his originals and some...
  8. tdc456

    TGS '09 Trailer Subbed

    I just stumbled upon a YouTube subbed version of the TGS trailer. Not sure if this has already been mentioned before. YouTube - TGS09 Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep (Subbed) Trailer Enjoy.
  9. tdc456

    Brittle Apocalypse

    RECAP SECTION This is a small section to remind you of some key components in the story from Brittle Bullet. The Zodiac A secret military group formed to fight terrorism in secrecy. It's members had strange powers making them into almost perfect weapons. It was shut down due to secret...
  10. tdc456

    Small News/Near Completion

    I have been writing my story Brittle Bullet for almost 10 months now. I am very nearly done with the story itself, only a few chapters left. It would be very much appreciated if people could stop by and read it and let me know what you think. I'm also in the process of planning a sequel to the...
  11. tdc456

    Fanfiction ► Organization XIII: Uncut

    This was an idea my friend Ryan came up with a long time ago. He started drawing our group of friends as Org. members instead of the originals. Basically it was just us in Org. coats with their weapons. I ended up as Lexaeus. They were extremely well drawn. If I can get a hold of them, I would...
  12. tdc456

    Finished Espada Sketches

    This time I did it write. My Espada sketches are done. These were referance drawn from the actual picture of the ten of them together. If you don't know who these guys are, they are from Bleach. I actually scanned the page and had done every one of them. Tell me what you think.
  13. tdc456

    Solstice: First Equinox

    Solstice: First Equinox Chapter 1 In the Dead of Night An empty hallway. All the lights flickered in a menacing way. Running was the only way out. Fighting was never an option. Not for him. The darkness grew too fast for him to fight. In his dreams, it always overtakes him and consumes him...
  14. tdc456

    Fanfiction ► Bleach: Final Soul

    Sign Up Here Bleach: Final Soul Chapter 1 The sky was black that night. The moon was full and gave more light to the world than on any other night. It was surprisingly still and the air was slightly chilly. One person walked the streets of the small town. They had a funny walk, almost as if a...
  15. tdc456

    Beating Sora's Story

    I got KH Re:CoM on Saturday. I'm now stuck on the final battles with Marluxia. I can't even get past the first of the final battles with that wierd ass machine thing. What level should I be? How should I build my deck for it?
  16. tdc456

    Help Me Please

    So I got Re:CoM just yesterday and I'm stuck on the last Axel fight on the 13th floor. I'm level 58 and I have failed to beat him exactly 7 times. What did you guys do to beat him?
  17. tdc456

    Espada Sketches

    These pictures aren't of KH. They are actually characters from Bleach. I only have 9 of the 10 of them but I'm going to draw the tenth one later. All of them were reference drawn. The close ups are kind of blurry because of my camera and its retardedness with the flash off. Full Page- Espada...
  18. tdc456

    Fanfiction ► Bleach: Final Soul (Sign Ups)

    First off, I would just like to start by saying that this is not a roleplaying thread. This is a fanfiction that will be written by me. The only thing I need is you guys, the readers and writers, to submit sword names and small character profiles. I will be the judge of who makes the cut and who...
  19. tdc456

    Brittle Bullet [Completed]

    This story has been planned out by me for at least a month or two now. I have quite a bit of the story already worked out. Please look for the intro chapter in the next two days. This fanfic has nothing to with Kingdom Hearts. This story was inspired by the title itself. It was the title of an...
  20. tdc456

    Possibly Bad News

    I've been meaning to make this thread for a while. I'm going to have to shoot down some hopes of everyone. Recently I went back and watched Sleeping Beauty. Before I get to the main point, here are the scans that represent this post: Terra Scan #1 Terra Scan #2 Now to the real reason for this...