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    Help/Support ► A Big Problem

    Guys, our friend Luna1017 needs help! She can't log into KHI forums, even though she uses wifi, internet..etc... Does anyone know why and can help? Thanks!
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    That Girl In The Corner

    Hey guys, it's een quite a while since I've been here! I've been real busy, but then here I am with a new poem to share (out of boredom again) :) That Girl In The Corner by Diastyl All I remember was her pretty name It was Kelly She always bowed her head, like she was in shame And stared at...
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    Like the Tears She Cried (Poem)

    Like the tears She Cried The boy was a six year old, young and wild He was hard to control and possesive The girl was also six, a sweet and gentle child She was caring and never aggressive They met as young children and began a game Chasing each other, it was the first one But he was...
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    Good side or Bad side?

    uhhh, I was just wondering..... If you were given a choice, would you rather go with Sora and the "good" guys or would you pwn and hang out with the Organization XIII? I'd go with the Org! XD
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    Waffles XD

    Okay,its an old poem I made this just because I was bored XD A piece of pancake with many holes But still very tasty Like our favourite pastry Of course they taste better than churros! It goes great with butter Or with syrup Or ice cream Or plain straight down your gutter My friends...
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    The hall of mirrors

    This is just a short story I made... I got it from a dream The Hall of Mirrors Chapter One This isn't right, Reesha thought quietly. She rubbed her eyes and saw that she wasn't in her own house but in a strange, empty and quiet house that wasn't even properly lighted. There were just some...
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    I dont know why I made it, but I guess I wanted to share this with everyone who is interested Empty by Diastyl I stared at the sky, which was so blue and calm but it there were no more clouds I looked at the clean peaceful grassy ground but it was clear of flowers I stared at my school...
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    Tears (poem)

    A silent shadow, a heavy weight on my chest guess I was too immature it bothers me so much that I cant rest guess I'm not so sure I miss being a kid, because there never was pain before and I didn't really notice that much How people hated me, and wanted to kick me to the floor just because I...
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    What was the most scary/shocking moment of your life?

    Title says it all. I have to admit, the scariest moment of my life was when I was ten and my little brother got lost in this HUGE mall. It was crazy and my mother was screaming like mad over the phone. I was forced to find my brother myself and in the end, he was at the cinema center... I'd...
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    For All New Disney Haters

    Okay, if you were to kill Miley Cyrus, the Jonas Brothers, or whoever that you hate in new disney, how ould you kill them? Miley Cyrus - push her off a building The Jonas Brothers - killed by all new disney channel haters So just say how you want to kill them
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    Axel, gay or not

    Okay, so I had a really strange argument with a girl from my school. She hates Axel and claims that she is gay and of course, I argue otherwise. This leads this to the friggin question, do you think that Axel is gay or not. Kindly give good reasons, too. I think Axel isn't gay cuz he just...
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    Changing the Days Voice Actors

    I'm not sure if there was a thread ever made about this before, but my question goes like this: If you were to change any of the voice actors in Days, which would it be? I'd change Xion and Namine's voice actors, I want them to bring back Brittany Snow and Hayden Panettiere
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    Okay, this may seem crazy but.....

    Okay, I just wanted to tell this but do you think it's possible that I have a split personality? I mean, there are sometimes when I seem to be mad for no reason or very miserable, and sometimes I do stuff that I don't even remember doing! I sent a friend a message that I was going to die by the...