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    Wierdest moment while playing/ in kh

    What was your wierdest moment while playing or in kingdom hearts ? Mine was in kh2. It was in the underworld, after a fight with Sora and Auron. My frends were spending the night, and one tackled me rite after the battle, so what I heard coming from the tv was "HUH... OH...
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    Pete Banishment

    Ok, you know how in Kingdom Hearts II, Donald or Goofy (can't remember whih one) said that King Mickey Banished Pete to another demention? Why though? In the new BbS trailor, He says "Captain Justice sonyu!" Which means "I am Captain Justice!" If he's a superhero, why'd he get banished...
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    Kingdom Hearts Funny Mistranslations

    Yesterday I was playing RE:Chain of Memories and used a random sleight, and It was Whatever 'Frame'. I was like "What the... It has nothing to do with Frames... Thier's Flames Everywhere, but no 'Frame'!?!" So just list funny possible Mistranslations you've seen in the American games.
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    Your Favorite ► Birth By Sleep Weapons

    Vote and post what you picked.
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    Sora's Memories...

    This Is my first thread, so it's gonna be pretty simple. In Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, Sora walks through the door, ends up in Traverse Town, and Donald and Goofy apear. They start complaining about thier clothes. Well, I would say that the change in clothes was do to Sora's Memories...