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  1. Rodin

    The Unpopular Opinions Thread

    Destiny Islands feels like a weaker hub compared to Twilight Town, Land of Departure and Daybreak Town. Defining it more is overdue but better late than never. It would work as a flashback for Kairi. She always felt like an afterthought but never grew out of it. So it's a way to flesh her...
  2. Rodin

    About the infamous games... (Fun discussion)

    Infamous was touted as getting a remake by fan articles. https://www.cbr.com/remake-games-playstation-fans-want/ I wouldn't mind if it got an expansion like FF7R did. Just keep it one part y'all
  3. Rodin

    What Final Fantasy game(s) are you currently playing?

    FF7R Hojo and the Specimen boss fight give off Resident Evil vibes. I wish weapons were given out sooner than having new ones pop up in the Shinra office. I just got Shiva for Barrett so when do I get carbuncle?
  4. Rodin

    The Unpopular Opinions Thread

    I'd probably do something similar for Kairi, showing how she got acclimated to Destiny Islands.
  5. Rodin

    What do you wish to see in the Lost Master(s) Arc?

    Data Sora comes back using elements of Sora's lion boy concept art. Just have him play like Odd from Code Lyoko-
  6. Rodin

    Anime/Manga ► The Anime & Manga Dumping Ground

    Bungo Stray Dogs's spinoff "Beasts" is pretty cool. I loved the end of BEASTARS.
  7. Rodin

    Spoilers ► Is the story of Kingdom Hearts really that confusing?

    @BufferAqua I dropped KH because of the cliched characters and meandering plot. The confusing elements just made everything worse. It's not the only problem but the obvious one. @MATGSY Retcons are inevitable in an ongoing series. If you like Vergil from DMC3 or Bucky the Winter Soldier...
  8. Rodin

    Stuff we love about Kingdom Hearts

    The gameplay is pretty fun. The Organization 13 are iconic. Lea is the top tier character and the best retcon.
  9. Rodin

    What do you wish to see in the Lost Master(s) Arc?

    Noel and Serah should be Dandelions in transported to the Modern day. Type 0's main cast are background characters in the keyblade war.
  10. Rodin

    The Unpopular Opinions Thread

    KH's main appeal is the crossover elements. Outside of this forum, the original story is more of a joke. So FF's value is a marketing one. They are a stronger group of characters to sell the series. In hindsight I wished they were the protagonists instead of Sora. Even if they are younger and...
  11. Rodin

    Spoilers ► Is the story of Kingdom Hearts really that confusing?

    Both are true. How confusing Kingdom Hearts can be is exaggerated by fandom. There are more confusing series out there and I could name a few. If you can't handle KH, you should avoid Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle and 90's X-men. Just a friendly heads-up. ;) To me, good storytelling is a sum...
  12. Rodin

    What do you wish to see in the Lost Master(s) Arc?

    A spinoff with an older version of Zack as the protagonist. He could be traveling with a Disney companion like Oswald, Max Goof, Webby or the two Callaberos. Reuniting with Hercules, TAV and Aerith should happen. Genesis should be the villian.
  13. Rodin

    What do we call Norting now?

    Possessed works
  14. Rodin

    How would you split the different age/era of the saga?

    Kh1-com-2- not sure Coded-Days-BBS-DDD-3- xehanort saga Back cover- unchained-union x-missing link- age of the keyblade war 4-????-current saga(the foreteller saga)
  15. Rodin

    The Unpopular Opinions Thread

    @Just Dari I don't disagree. I would've forgiven the first half of KH2 if it dealt with the fallout CoM. A timeskip and Sora being lazy or complacent rather than training would've been preferable.
  16. Rodin

    Before The Hype Train: Theories/Beliefs

    He picked it up in the keyblade graveyard is my headcanon.
  17. Rodin

    The Unpopular Opinions Thread

    Roxas would be more appealing. They could do a rivals to lovers story.
  18. Rodin

    The Unpopular Opinions Thread

    I'm not into bestiality but you do you. I was thinking Hayner or pence.