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    so I think we can all agree that microsoft won this year's e3 by a landslide........and here's why

    lmfao just kidding what the fuck is going on with this company. so sad
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    I know it's okay to masturbate, but is it gay if I suck my own dick??? Please respond.

    This question has been keeping me awake at night.
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    I think it's time to get it all out.

    I've had a presence in this community for nearly a decade now. Whatever you want to say about me, any everybody seems to have something to say, you're going to find that not many people are willing to vouch for my kindness. My reputation is a bit muddy, I know. Even if some people have...
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    I hate all the things you love

    This one is probably going to cost me a few rep points, but here it goes: I hate Jon Stewart. Why does everybody adore this hack? He’s not funny and he’s not clever. He’s just a hypocritical bitch. Yes, he eviscerated Jim Cramer, but if you’ve ever seen him with a guest who actually puts up...
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    Sam Critiques Your Photos Because You're A Fat Disgusting Pile of Shit

    ahahahahaah it's like jezza but with 20% more body fat who talked you into getting that haircut? somebody who hates you? it's like you're cosplaying as humpty dumpty nice chinstrap, btw, it totally doesn't frame your face awkwardly and make your head look like an egg or maybe you don't...
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    What's important to you?

    I've realized recently that my political values and priorities have changed a lot over the last few years. There was a time when I was mostly interested in social issues, and things like abortion, drug legalization and same-sex marriage were always at the very forefront of my political agenda...
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    StandArd MemberS Club.

    The StandArd MemberS Club SAM'S Club, bitches. Deal. Current Owner: Sam's Ass Current Owner & Master: 1. Sam's Ass Second-in-Command: 2. Sam's Rectum Dark Sith Lord: Sam's Brain. Official Third-in-Command: 3. Sam's Balls Official Sex Mage: Sam's Peanus First Member to join: 4. Sam's Right Hand...
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    Post Your Picture (so that Sam can rate your appearance and tell you how to be less ugly) Thread!

    This is going to be just like the normal picture thread, but we're going to streamline things. Instead of going through the long, inconvenient process where one user posts a picture, then another series of users of the opposite sex compliment them on that picture, another user of the same sex...
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    If I could have my wasted days back...

    Any man worth his salt is going to have a sizable trail of regret decorating the road behind him. It's an unavoidable byproduct of personal growth. We make mistakes, we learn from them, and then -- if we're mature about it -- we regret them. No, I've never raped anybody. I didn't vote for...
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    Help/Support ► The Straight/Heterosexual/Not Gay Help and Support Thread (v1)

    The homosexual community on KHInsider is a small but extremely vocal part of our user base, and one that has increasingly demanded our acceptance to the point where they've began to threaten our heterosexual way of life. For far too long, gay people have had their boot on the neck of the...
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    The "Say Bad Things About Other Members" Thread

    This is the thread where you get to tell everyone else why they are worthless and stupid. Allow me to start this off by saying that Thomas (aka Trag) is probably the worst Halo player I have ever known in my entire life. I have played with people who have muscular dystrophy that don't suck as...
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    Forget missionary trips to Africa. Let's try another planet!

    This thread is inspired by the Xenobiology Discussion thread posted by Piercing Light. It's not necessary that you read it to understand and participate in this thread, but exercising a little curiosity can't hurt, right? In short, astronomers recently discovered a planet in a nearby solar...
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    Sweetheart, you can fcuk another woman, but DO NOT spoon with her.

    Read this article, and then we'll talk: 'Sugarbabe' favors negotiated infidelity - CNN.com This is an issue that's been at the forefront of my mind for a couple of weeks now. After stumbling upon this article earlier today, I decided that I wanted to hear a few more opinions on the subject...
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    This is why I need to get back into WoW. The world isn't gonna save itself.

    Jane McGonigal: Gaming can make a better world | Video on TED.com It's kind of a long video, but I'd be interested in hearing everyone's thoughts.
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    awesome things KHI members say while they're high

    "crazy girls dancing...THAT'S what I call my balls" - wu tang goku "it's the best thing ever! no matter how crazy you may think it sounds...you'll never really KNOW how crazy it sounds. you know?" - jeel, on pot "do you think that gravestones are like, the zits of the earth? i mean...
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    Like Ken, except better.

    I for one am tired of Ken and his posse fagging up the internet with their lame ass bitch shit Japanese ass cocks, so I am stepping up and forming my own crew to combat his. This will be an elite group of only top tier vocalists (read: not Alexx) who are experts in the art of singing (read...
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    How To Become A Moderator

    Step 1) Blow Silh. Step 2) Hope your mouth doesn't become pregnant. Step 3) Refrain from being The Future.
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    Westboro Baptist Church is protesting my high school!!!

    Yes, for real. I can understand them protesting one of those ultraliberal colleges in the north east, but a moderate sized high school in the outskirts of the closest thing Oklahoma has to a city? Well, okay. You have no idea how much I wish I could have gotten pictures, but the entire thing...