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  1. Haeralis

    I think I'm addicted to this game!

    Haha, in the span of only three and a half days, I have managed to beat the story, every optional boss, and completely finish Jiminy's Journal (all of this done on Proud, of course). I always loved Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix, in fact it was my favorite KH game. But this just tones it to utter...
  2. Haeralis

    Film ► I miss 2D animation

    Is anyone else very sad to see how Disney has just completely abandoned what made them the envy of children for 70+ years? Just a couple months ago, Disney shut down its 2D studios. Pixar is alright and everything, but it seems like Disney just felt like making classic after classic in the 1990s...
  3. Haeralis

    Trial For Abortion Doctor Kermit Gosnell Detailing a "House of Horrors"

    Some details about Gosnell's clinic: This guy has been doing this for decades and has killed more humans than anyone in our nations history combined, and yet I have yet to hear anything about this on the mainstream media. Pretty amazing. The decision should be made sometime this weekend by...
  4. Haeralis

    Rate the video game music above you

    Simple, someone posts a YouTube of a video game song, and then the next poster rates it on a scale from 1/10, while then posting a video themselves. Multiple songs are allowed, but no ones required to listen to all of them. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Kh9FDOoSeM#t=23s Skip to 23 seconds.
  5. Haeralis

    Why is KH HD coming out in Spring in Australia, but not in America / Europe?

    That seems rather strange to me. KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX, releasing exclusively for PS3 - PlayStation 3, PS3 official news Wouldn't the content be exactly the same?
  6. Haeralis

    Cooking Rock: Dwayne Johnson Wants To Cook With Manatee Meat.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqhpDnMmfTs Game of the Year, 2013, Calling It Now
  7. Haeralis

    What do you want to see in a PlayStation 4 and NextBox?

    So, more and more we keep getting leaks and rumors regarding the PS4 and the "NextBox". Its looking increasingly likely that we will see these two systems at E3 this year. As we approach the end of the seventh console generation, what do you want to see in the eighth? I've always been a fan of...
  8. Haeralis

    Senator Proposes Bill to Study Violence in Games

    Senator Proposes Bill to Study Violence in Games - IGN A proposed bill could lead to a study of the role of violence in video games. In the wake of the recent shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, West Virginia senator Jay Rockefeller has proposed a bill to study “the impact of violent content...
  9. Haeralis

    Timesplitters HD Collection / 4 Can Still Happen

    News: 300,000 signatures could make a Timesplitters HD collection viable - ComputerAndVideoGames.com & here's a link to the petition: https://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/crytek-uk-create-a-timesplitters-hd-collection
  10. Haeralis

    Presidential Election November 6th: Thoughts and Predictions

    So, after all the ads, after all the coverage on the news, why don't we have a thread on KHI dedicated to the impending Electoral College yet? What are everyone's predictions? Personally, I would much prefer for Romney to win. I believe that his fiscal stances are exactly what we need right...
  11. Haeralis

    Chinese Man Sues Wife For Being Ugly; Awarded $120,000

    ASIA - Chinese man who sued wife for being ugly awarded $120,000 How very American of him.
  12. Haeralis

    Man Beats Wife With Sandwich

    Nebraska man accused of attacking wife with sandwich | Fox News
  13. Haeralis

    Three Years Later, Finally A Platinum Member

    I never thought this day would come O:
  14. Haeralis

    Old Lady Ruins 200 Year Old Portrait of Jesus By "Restoring" It

    The Escapist : News : Helpful Old Lady Ruins 200-Year-Old Portrait
  15. Haeralis

    Cat Parasite Linked To Suicide, Neuro & Psych Disorders

    Cat parasite that worms into humans' brains can drive victims to suicide | Mail Online
  16. Haeralis

    Businessweek: Xbox 360, not the PS2, is the bestselling console of all time

    New Windows Tablets: the Good, the Not-So-Bad, and the Ugly - Businessweek Microsoft does have some consumer-electronics wins, most noticeably with the best-selling game console of all time: the Xbox 360. Then in the comments...
  17. Haeralis

    Pepsi Naming Contest Trolled by 4chan

    Pepsi naming contest trolled by 4chan
  18. Haeralis

    Butthole Tattoos: The 'Next Big Thing'

    article: Butthole Tattoos Are the 'Next Big Thing' [NSFW]
  19. Haeralis

    Grand Theft Auto III and War of the Monsters Finally Hit PS2 Classics This Tuesday

    GTA III and War of the Monsters Hitting PSN July 31st | RipTen Videogame Blog While the PSOne Classics section of the PlayStation Network can boast just about every hit (and some slightly lesser) title that was released on that console, the PlayStation 2 section remains woefully incomplete...
  20. Haeralis

    Film ► Indiana Jones 5 Cancelled

    Everyone Comes To Their Damn Senses: ‘Indiana Jones 5′ Cancelled | Screen Junkies For years we’ve been threatened with the promise of a fifth Indiana Jones film. Today, we can step out beneath that shadow of oppression. Today, is our Independence Day! Producer Frank Marshall got to talking...