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    Unsaid words

    Yes I just thought of something from a recent interview.MX is not as bad as it seems. It seems that he said something on the lines of not being wrapped in darkness. He said that a person wrapped in it can't wield a keyblade. Also sad thing to say to make him seem less evil he asked Terra to help...
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    vens clothes

    Well if they were the same then it could be explained. Like why Sora would look like him as a nobody and that Roxas does have a heart. Also if they were the same it would maybe tell that he past down what Ven done to have Sora succeed in the upcoming threats.
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    vens clothes

    Also he didn't say that Roxas and Ven are different people just the personality.
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    vens clothes

    I just said his word is not law. I don't like the term used like that. Also one man doesn't make the whole game. He is just one man out of many. SO if you think Nomura is the only one making the games then why don't you make one. Oh thats right cause you need others to help get the idea...
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    the keyblade and hearts

    True. Yet think Sora wasn't always angry or in rage but maybe the keyblade I don't know. Yet I think it means that since Saix hated the power of light he called it rage. So light purifies dark making it go away and thus may seem like a banishment for the dark. Saix may have seen things the other...
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    I Dont understand Who are Ven Aqua And Terra?

    Well Terra Aqua and Ven we don't know who they really are. I wonder if some twist might occur. Like DS and MX are good and VAT is evil, I doubt it though. Yet they are a mystery to us now including Mickey who mostly shows a bigger part than Aqua. I do know that they all have a connection as to...
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    vens clothes

    Well Nomura's words are not laws and don't think inside of the box. Ven still could be Roxas. I say this cause Roxas didn't fully act like Sora. Also it would seem he had another personality before he started to remember Sora. Like Riku said almost as in that he was beginning to act more like...
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    Not Sure It Exists

    No. Don't cheat or tweak the games.
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    whos the armored person in the new scene in KH2FM+

    As it says above. Yet did anyone think that it's possible its a copy. The clothes Riku wears is a copy of DS. The clothes Xehanort wears is a copy of MX. RIku was copied. So now think about if its really her armor and keyblade or just a copy.
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    I really didn't feel like reading them and besides I was agreeing with them. So please just talk of the theory and don't focus on me. Yet the theory could be a little more human, thus for me to understand it.
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    whos the armored person in the new scene in KH2FM+

    Some thinks its Aqua's but I wonder some things. What if she past her objects to someone else. We all seen Terra had new armor if it was him, it doesn't matter though. Yet I must agree that the keyblade and armor, not sure if it's real though, was Aqua's. The reason I'm not sure that the armor...
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    Well ok I don't get the theory much but it might have something to do with the princesses.
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    New Scan: Malificent

    Oh wow the tail of a dragon haha. It's just the outline of the floor. Yet Terra with Maleficent is important. Also the way she is looking at Terra is similar to hhow she looked at Riku. I think she's manipulating Terra. So this would big a major connection to Terra and Riku. Yet the only thing...
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    Possible mistake about Saïx

    Well to everyone look up unemotional. It will be stated that one is monotoned. He/she won't changed facial expression either. Nor does one think of faking an emotion for they will not feel like pretending to feel an emotion. So if they all really didn't have heart none of the Org would feel or...
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    My Final BBS Theory

    Me being disrespectful I like the sound of that. MMaybe thats why I chose the name Hanzo. I don't want to be like it's to much of a bother. Also I'm just stating what I think there is nothing By the way I think you need to know more of Freedom of Speech. Did anyone think it was rude to have...
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    KH2 FM+

    Well it seems fine to me. But it only took me a week to get. But of course I had to make a deal with a friend.
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    destiny island

    There is only one Riku. They might have put it a code or tweeked the game. By the way was the two Riku fighting in a scene or gameplay. I'm guessing gameplay.
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    Possible mistake about Saïx

    It might not have to do with memories with Saix berserk ways.
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    Funny 14th Org. Member theory. (not mine)

    I know how you can tell if it is Aqua to be the 14th member. Think di Nomura say the 14th member was a new character before or after Aqua's appearance. If it was before it could be Aqua. Yet if it was after then no and please stopping saying Aqua so much to make my ears bleed.
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    Possible mistake about Saïx

    Yea I have to agree. To go berserk you must rely one both feelings of the inner self and more. So unless Saix been faking an attack to makeout it to seem like he was crazed. That would apply that he must have carried even a small ounce of emotions. Yet to tell everyone we feel emotions even when...