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    Am I a bad player or...

    you're not a bad player......you're just royally screwed. Lvl1 KH2FM is freaking hard.
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    3 Re:coded scans (clear scans)

    I love how they just made the dialogues like TWEWY since they can focus more on the in-game graphics and gameplay.
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    New NA/EU Boss

    My guess is that it' an "adult Ventus". Like Xehanort, he also lost his power to weild the keyblade and went to lightsabers.....since it's the next best thing(duh). See how he handles his blades? The question on how he got in that timeline though..............I don't know. But hey! Xehanort...
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    Did you see it?

    he's just frozen with blizaga. His eyes even moved in the KH2FM secret ending
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    Episode 7 Summary! [SPOILERS]

    I don't get the hearts part. If a heart is released from the heartless, they return to their original selves. Then what about Kingdom Hearts? Or does this instance only happen to purebloods and the emblem heartless' hearts go to kingdom hearts when they die and when Kingdom Hearts is destroyed...
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    Real reason why Axel is close to Roxas.

    I don't really know where to put this since it's about Lea and Axel so feel free to change the location of this thread if you please. I also don't know if there's already a topic about this. So here goes: The real reason why Axel is so close to Roxas is not because Roxas made him feel like he...
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    Are Isa and Lea brothers

    They're p[retty much friends since they kinda look like they are in the same age
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    Names & somethin thats been buggin me

    Because his real name is gay. And Xehanort already had an X so he just agreed with his heartless to find an alternative name and they thought Ansem with an X = Xemnas was cool..........................until they found out that it can be inverted to Mansex. That's the reason they wanted Kingdom...
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    Jump Festa 2010..question??

    So you're saying Aqua is a teenage mom, cause Sora is already born when the game happened.
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    Why did Roxas go through The Awakening in KH2?

    This is probably because he is closest to Sora and the memories of Sora are being awakened in him when he was in VR twilight town. And he was also a Zombie without any memories in the start of Days so hismemories even of Ven maybe still locked up or still inside Sora at the beginning of Days
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    A Xion Connected to BBS Theory, Also a Secret Enemy/Ally.

    Rikus should've been to the other side(side of roxas) since he is in the future/present not the past.
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    I think Luxord's cards are all 10 of Nobodies (not hearts or spades)
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    MX gives Braig his scars?

    I personally think it's Ven who gave him that that's why Xion appears as Ventus in Xigbar's eyes.
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    Ventus in 358/2 Days

    He already knew Roxas as Ventus but seeing someone in a puppet who's face would resemble someone you are close to(enemy or friend), he's surprised that he's actually close to Ven. I personally think because maybe it's Ven who gave him his scar for life.
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    an addiction

    It's pretty good but addicting? As if, not if you're playing alone. This is a game where you can say "I wish I had friends to play with" rather than "I'm gonna make this 100%". Good thing I have one.
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    Possible "fourth scenario"?

    hmmm, that would probably screw up the psp if another scenario is added. I mean the game contains so much already. Nice graphics, many minigames, 3 storylines and multiplayer modes(idk if online or not). And a 4th scenario would probably bore the gamers especially those who have no KH history.
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    New VJump scans (Jan 2010 issue) (translated)

    yeah, i kinda noticed that too. When did they start having keychains? And why is Terra's keychain lost in FM+? And since when did they become masters?
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    New VJump scans (Jan 2010 issue) (translated)

    Re: New VJump scans (Jan 2010 issue) Hehe, as if! Braig maybe sold MX some pirate booby traps or maybe he's just as strong as hell. I wish he would be one of the HARDEST(yes capital all where you will die 20 times before beating him completely) boss in the game. I don't wanna fight another...
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    New VJump scans (Jan 2010 issue) (translated)

    Re: New VJump scans (Jan 2010 issue) translations for the versus mode and minigames, hurry up please! I CAN"T WAIT!!!!!!! and who is the guy in armor with a username Birth in the versus mode. His armor doesn't look like any of the three....or is that simply Ventus.
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    I spy Braig

    i'm pretty sure a wise guy like him could invent hair colorings to make chicks come to him. + it's ten years before KH so it could probably be ansem. And having his own diamond would make pretty much sense since Ansem is the smartest and most important guy in Hollow Bastion.